Toddler sweater sleeve help

Hi y’all,
I am making a sweater for my granddaughter, it is sirdar Funky Fur with a contrasting ribbed edge, and so far, it is so cute and fun to knit! Anyway, I am down to working on the sleeves now. For speed sake, is there any reason why I can’t work both sleeves at once using two balls of yarn?

I’m sure a really knowledgeable knitter could have modified the pattern so that it could have been entirely worked in one piece on circular needles, but I’m certainly not that knitter, so I am knitting in the pieces it calls for and then will try to piece it all together (the t hought of that is frightening).
Really appreciate any help!

I always, always, always make the sleeves that way. This way you know that they’re the same length, and you don’t run into ‘second sleeve syndrome’ where you just can’t bear to knit another one.