Toddler sun hat

Anyone know of a free pattern? Looking for something with a brim all around.

I might try the Mrs. Dashwood in cotton from Knitty and not do the earflaps. Wondering if the brim would be too floppy though.


Have you seen KellyK’s ruffled toddler hat? So cute!

It is cute! I also looked at the LionBrand hat. Unfortunately I don’t think the brim on either of those will do much to shade DD face from the sun. Still looking.


I adore the Miss Dashwood at Knitty, I’d make that in a heart beat if I had a little girl to knit for.

There is also the Knitting at Knoon Pattern “Lil Sunhats”.

I adore the white sun hat!

Awh, those are so cute!! :heart:


You have good taste!