Toddler Sleeper/Bunting

I am trying to use this as the bottom, at 1x:*

And this at the top (the top pattern):*

Is this crazy?*

Do I just keep some type of co sequence in the zodiac till I get to 92 sts and then follow the handsome pattern for a few rows as the ‘body’ and continue from there for the rest of the pattern?

Will it be very complex? Do you think this would fit a 2yo?*


Could you just use the sweater pattern and increase as you work your way down until you have it as long and as wide as you want? It looks like the sleep sack is nothing very complicated. It looks like a very long nightgown in fact. Yeah, I think you could.

GG’s idea sounds good and might be easier. You could also make the bunting and pick up stitches to make a sleeve maybe.

I agree that it looks do-able. Since both patterns are bottom up, you could do as you suggest and knit the bunting, then at some point change over to the shawl collar sweater pattern. If you’re going to make this as a sleeper, you might want the top pattern to be less fitted than it is. Are you going to leave the bottom open so you can put it on and off or were you thinking of opening it up some other way?

I just realized I omitted that I’d start with a provisional cast on for the sweater and then could pick up the stitches and work down to make the bottom. Working from the bottom up and decreasing probably makes more sense, I might do it that way instead. I want to know how [I]you[/I] decide to do it. Is this to replace the need for a blanket? My kids would have had something like that all bunched up with their legs exposed unless it were closed at the bottom which wouldn’t have worked because they would have tried to walk in it and ended up falling.

Good idea using a provisional cast on then knitting the bag after the top. :thumbsup:

That said I wouldn’t have used this for older than 6 mos probably. My kids were always in blanket sleepers.