Toddler sizes?

I am making a gift for my niece who is turning 2. It’s Knitty’s Hey Mickey! in a solid color. My DS #2 picked out the color for his cousin so it’s going to be cute, according to him.

Anyway…I’ve not been able to get her measurements. I came across this chart that gives 2 year old waist lines as 20 inches. But in Hey Mickey, the designer says she made one in 18 inches for her three year old. Most difference between the ages is in height, I think.

I can fudge a little on the big side since I’m making it so I can string ribbon through to help hold it in place. A little big is better anyway, so she can grow into it.

Anyone ever make this or any other skirt for a two year old girl? If so, how big (or little) was their waist?

I would look through some of these patterns as a comparison perhaps but that skirt in the picture more sits on the hips or just above than on the waist. The draw string or ribbon will help if its too big but I’m not sure if this answers your question as such:

That is a tough one. Just like women’s clothes, toddler sizes are screwed up. You really do need to create for the size of the kid and not according to just the size on the pattern. Case in point… I have a girlfriend who has a 3.5 year old daughter that is wearing my 2.5 year old’s hand-me-downs. My kid is big, her’s is small. WAY TOO CONFUSING! My daughter, while she can wear some 2T stuff, also has some 3T and 4T items that she wears. It drives me NUTS!

That said, if the little girl is “average” then the pattern would probalby work okay. But if, from your recollection, is bigger than others her age or smaller you will want to adjust as necessary.

Best of luck on this. Hope I didn’t just confuse things.

Thanks. She’s a little small, I think. I’m going to shoot for 18 inches and hope for the best. Mom is in the middle of moving so measuring a squirmy one is the last thing she needs to deal with! Funny, but there are so few patterns for toddler skirts. Most on KPC are dresses.

Here is another toddler skirt pattern (for free, of course)

If you can ask what size she’s wearing, you might be able to go and measure clothes in a store. I agree that you have to make the clothes to the child, as sizes vary. A friend’s 5.5 yo is about as tall as my 7.5 yo nephew - she’s very tall for her age, and he’s very short for his. Plus, they’re built very differently - she is very thick through the waist and he’s skinny as a rail. If possible, get your sister to measure your niece’s waist (or do it yourself, if you see her).