Toddler patterns

Does anyone know of websites with free toddler patterns? I’m mainly looking for scarves and hats…I’m a long ways off from doing sweaters. My neice will be 2 in July and I live far away and need to spoil her…LOL! I’m making a scarf for her right now…but it’s just garter stitch using Homespun Baby. Even though its so basic, it looks really nice and is sooo soft. Plus, I wanted to practice with Homespun because I can see myself working with it alot in the future and it was so tricky to work with at first. I’m slowly getting better though.

Anyways, thanks in advance for any links! :smiley:

Hi Jivewhistle,

I’m in the same boat as you. I have a niece who will be 2 in May and who lives in the north far from where we live. I’d love to make a hat for my niece too!!!

All I have found so far is this page:

There are a couple of hats there, but none that I really think are just right.

I feel your pain. I have 2 toddlers, and there just aren’t that many free patterns on the net. I’ve just been checking books out of the library, and also am working on designing some simple summer knits for them.

Thanks for that link salsa, but yeah…not too many good patterns on there…LOL.

I will need to make a trip to the library soon and check out some pattern books. I’m not really counting the homespun scarf I did as a first project since I didn’t follow a pattern…lol. But it turned out really well and I’m sending it out to her today so she can get some use out of it before spring!

If your library has it, I highly recommend checking out Knitting for Baby!! It is sooo easy to follow in my opinion – and the patterns don’t look like beginner patterns, if you know what I mean. :wink: They’re adorable – for both babies and toddlers.

I have two kids as well and the best little books I had gotten was on amazon and they were cheap but they are miss beas I love them but I looked their you might like what you see or on line at about knitting.comSorry if that is not much help
Jenifer :XX:

I have found tons of baby and children patterns on the internet. I have 13 grandchildren and 6 great ones. Anyway to save time go to google and type free knit patterns children baby and you will get more than you can use. Have a great day. I hope this helps ? :XX: