Toddler Leg warmers

Recently someone was looking for a pattern for toddler legwarmers, so I wanted to share some info.

I looked at baby/toddler legwarmers last year for my one year old and ended up knitting her a pair. This year is taller and I really don’t want to make knew ones every year. I found some on the web at a company called baby legs. Great idea, but I thought too expensive for what seems like not so great quality.

So this weekend, it was 5 degrees here. Did I mention it was cold? I took a pair of adult size wool ski socks and cut them off just above the heel. (I used a pair of Smartwool Socks.) Since the sock already had ribbing/elastic at the top they stay up over her knees. The cut edge is not unraveling, just curls up slightly like stockinette stitch would. These are working out great! And make potty training easier than with tights.


What a good idea! I knitted some up for my dd…I just measured her legs (length and width) and knitted them up in the flat using a 2x2 ribbing. Seaming was easy (she is only 3, so it was like 5 inches long).

They stay up so well. It’s been so cold that she wears them over her tights to keep herself warm.


There’s an awesome tutorial for making your own babylegs out of socks here:

If you click on each photo there are detailed notes. :smiley:

Thanks for the link. I’ll let you know if I try it. Heading out to Dick’s sporting goods later to see what else the have in wool ski socks. The length and width are perfect on my 2 year old. (They come up mid thigh on her.)