Toddler knitting patterns

I am trying to find patterns for knitted dickies or turtleneck tops or tubes…Not sure I have the right name but I would call it a neck warmer.

I have found a few patterns for adults but I would like one for toddlers. Can anyone help.

How about these?

Drops design also recently put up these in their latest collection.

According to the pattern they are for sizes 1/3 months to 2 - 3/4 years. They are made in Drops sock yarn (Fable) and Merino Extra Fine.

They also have a top down poncho which you could adapt if you wanted to or if your crafty you might be able to alter a bib pattern to make a dickie.


Thanks for the suggestions. I will try to knit one of them.

Can someone tell me how I can prevent a scarf from rolling. I am trying to knit a toddler’s scarf using stockinette but the sides roll.

Sandra - try a different stitch. Stockinette rolls, unless you have a border on it. But garter stitch or seed stitch or a rib stitch will lay flat.

You could add a border to the scarf and that would keep it from rolling…knitting the first and last 3 sts of each row would give you a garter border. Stockinette stitch will curl on it’s own :thumbsup:

Thank you so much for the suggestions. Iwas doing it in stocking cause my earflap hat and mitts on done in that pattern. I will try another stitching.