Toddler Hats

Made both of these for my favorite 2-year-old.

The balaclava hood can be tucked inside the neck portion and be worn as a neck warmer. I used Artyarns HandPaint Stripes for the main portion and Debbie Bliss Merino for the trim. I didn’t have a pattern for this and it is not quite what I envisioned, but it fits and I think it looks good on her.

The pink/coral hat is based on the free pattern “cameron’s cap” by Sarah Peasley. I used Plymouth Grande Baby Alpaca. It is too bad I couldn’t get the wee one to hold still for another picture, becuase this one looks really cute on her too!


What a gorgeous thing she is! and the hats are lovely! I love the Balaclava! Angelia suggested Artyarns to me… i am going to have to go shopping!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

What a great way to stay warm and she is very cute! Beautiful eyes!

What a cutie! They look great on her and are so pretty!

Those are great! I may have to make a balaclava for my granddaughter. Last time she wore her snowsuit out, she stayed toasty warm except for a place the cold seems to get in to her neck.

Mama Bear

Thanks for the compliments!

Cara, I am hooked on Artyarns and plan on making myself a sweater after the holidays. Also have becomed obsessed with finding the Artyarns Wool Fur. None of the stores near me carry Artyarns. I find this to be so sad!

I also am hoping the balaclava keeps the wind out under her snowsuit. We are going to Lake Tahoe for Christmas, so it will get a good test!