Toddler girl's hat

I know there are a lot of hat threads and I have looked at them, maybe I missed something, but does anyone know of a really cute little girls knit hat, maybe with a flower on it or something like that? It would be for my 2 year old granddaughter…

You could just knit a hat that you like, and then you could crochet a flower, or just buy a fake flower. As much as I’ve looked, I can’t find a pattern for a knitted or croceted flower. :wink:

I made this one for a 2 year old and a 3 year old. It it an inch of 2:2 ribbing, then 2 repeats of the lace pattern from the lace beanie on knitty, then stockinette. I think it came out cute, but not too cutesy.

There is also a free pattern for a cabled hat, where the cables look like owls. I can dig it up if you are interested. I also think the Kittyville Hat (also available for free) is cute.


You could just take any basic hat and add some knitted or crocheted flowers to it.

I added these to a hat once and it was cute!

I just love this hat and you can make it as colorful or plain as you like and add something to it like a flower.


How about some of these:

Check out the flower power hat at knitty. Sorry, I don’t know how to post links. Knittingpatterncentral also has a lot of adorable hats.

Here is the flower power pattern: (too cute!)
Also, knitty has some patterns to make flowers that you can attach to a hat: