Toddler/child vest with shoulder buttons

Hi everyone. I’m looking for a pattern for a boy’s vest, either large toddler (4T or 5T) or small child, with buttons on the shoulder. Has anyone seen this?


I’ve never seen a vest as such with buttons on the shoulder. Sun dresses yes and the occasional singlet. Perhaps look at the patterns here and consider amending one?

Emma’s sundress on this has buttons on the shoulder tho the pattern wouldn’t suit a little boy :slight_smile:

hi nikki

i haven’t seen it either, but you could try adapting a pattern to suit. alter the soulder to accept buttons type of thing.

more expereinced knitters will correct me when i am wrong with this lol


I haven’t seen a vest like that either, but you could maybe make a regular one, but extend one shoulder and add buttons? :think:

Thanks guys:muah:. Another grandmother made one for her grandson that I found adorable. I think I might try the adapting route.

Thanks again.