Toddler cardigan

does anyone know of a toddler cardigan that is knit with no seams? I would be willing to pay for the pattern. Thanks

Here’s a few. I’ve knit an adult pullover from this company.

Knitting Pure and Simple

I can’t see the website it says operation timed out :frowning:

Keep trying. It’s a regular website, nothing fancy.

Just so you can see quickly…here’s a few pics of the cardigans.

I’m doing the free baby cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple now, and the pattern is very good. I did an Ebay search, and there is a toddler sweater pattern for sale from Knitting Pure and Simple.

I was looking for something really girly like this

I’ve already made her that one, but I would like something like that but in a bigger size for when she gets a little older. :wink:

Hmmm… :thinking:

I didn’t look real close to see if this one has seams, but it’s cute.

You may just have to add your own detail to a plain sweater or find one in a book.

I’m knitting a toddler cardigan from a book called

Top Down for Toddlers by Cabin Fever

It has “No Sew” Patterns in it for toddlers - cardigans, pullovers, etc. And most of the patterns include garter and stockinette stitching on most of the body, so you can get creative with other stitch patterns.

You can buy this book HERE or find it at your local library. I highly recommend it.

I made this sweater from a Reynolds pattern #82301 for my niece age 5. I purchased the pattern from It uses a knitted cast on instead of the long tail in order to make the picot edge. The sizing goes from 6 months up to size 6.

That is adorable, Linsey!

Cute! ISn’t Elizabeth Zimmerman’s baby surprise jacket seamless (and easy)?