Toddler Cardigan

I just finished my first cardigan ever. It is for my neighbor’s 1 year old, a little big, she wanted to get some years out of it. When I get a picture with the little girl wearing it, I will post. The seaming took me awhile to figure out but thanks to Amy’s video, I accomplished it. It is amazing how mattress stitch is so invisible!!!

That is such a sweet little sweater–it looks so professional!

What pattern/yarn did you use? :smiley:

Very polished!

Great sweater! Congratulations! :cheering:

Wow! That looks perfect! It’s just beautiful!

Opps, I forgot to tell everybody what yarn/pattern I used. I used this pattern from
Classic Knit Baby Cardigan and Caron Simply Soft Baby Sport.

Thanks for all the nice comments. It took me 22 hours to finish it!! What a long time huh? :shock:

:smiley: Great job :thumbsup:

Great job! :thumbsup:

That came out very nice! :thumbsup:

Very sweet! I wish my stitches were even enough to trust myself in solid-coloured stockinette.

another gorgeous baby item! It’s making me very broody!

Beautiful job!

very nice! It does look very polished!