Toddler Cabled Socks

Wow, what a quick and fun knit! These were my first cuff-down socks and I really love them :inlove: I can’t wait to see how they look on my niece :slight_smile:

Those are adorable! :inlove:

Those are sooo cute. They will look great on your niece! Was this a free pattern? Do you have the link?

just gorgeous :cheering:

They are so cute. I love small socks, so quick you don’t have time to get second sock syndrome.

Here you go :slight_smile:

So cute! I love knitting baby socks – they go so fast! Beautiful color for yours.

How cute! I like that color.

They are so beautiful, and I love the gentle color, too! :heart:

Beautiful! Love that soft green color!

:inlove: very pretty!

Really beautiful,m u hve madewel n the colour is nice…thnks

those are SO pretty!! Well done!