Toddler bib pattern needed

My name is Charlene and I live in Lakeside CA. Many years ago I did a bit of crocheting (back when poncho’s were very popular) but had never knitted. About two years ago I took a two hour beginning knitting class at a local Michael’s store. I have been hooked every since. I recently finished a year long class at an Adult School. We knitted 48 squares for a blanket. It is beautiful…and most of all I learned to cable and just a multitude of different types of stitches. I am going to be a first time G’ma in Oct of 2007. I am 54 yrs. old and I have never been so excited. Now I know what made me take up knitting. I have been busy making baby blankets and booties and am currently working on a bib. I am having trouble with the “shaping” as we didn’t learn this in school as we just did the squares. Does anyone have an easy to follow pattern for a toddler size bib? Hope to enjoy this list and thanks for reading my long introduction!

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This is probably the simplest one I’ve seen.

This one is cute, too.

This website is full of free patterns so check out the baby section or put in “bib” or “baby bib” in the search feature.