Today's math problem

I want to make scarves for the gals in my grade level at school. I want to use thin, silky yarn and do it in garter stitch on big needles I would like them to be about 5 feet long and about 5 inches wide. About how many yards would I need? My LYS is having a sale this week, so I can get something really pretty!!

There are so many variables that it’s really hard to say. Needle size, weight of yarn used, your own knitting style and gauge…

Garter stitch uses more yarn so be aware of that. How thin a yarn are we talking…fingering? DK?

I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was so complicated. I will probably be using a novelty yarn, so I guess it’s fingering weight. I know my LYS gal will tell me how many balls I need, but I knew she’d be really busy, so I was trying to have a number in mind. If you come up with something, I promise I won’t hold you to it.

Novelty yarns are thin, but need to be knit on larger needles, and the fluff fills in the holes. Why don’t you buy one or two balls and see how far that will get you?