Today's High: 105 degrees!

:hot:And, the “feels like” temperature is 112!!

Thank goodness for A/C!! What’s the weather like where you are?

It is 93 here in Duluth MN but I have no AC. When I moved here this past winter they said I wouldn’t need it. Wouldn’t mind being back in GA in my house with the AC right now!

Melissa, I’ll aim the vents in your direction!!

DH just got a new truck (new to us, anyway). The one we had is a 1978 Chevrolet, and is in really good shape, but the a/c wasn’t working and we couldn’t find anyone to work on the old system. We only use it for runs to the hardware store and stuff like that, but last Saturday, I told him I couldn’t take it anymore!! It was UNbearable! I was really afraid I was having a heat stroke! So, we now have 2001 Ford F-150, (I’m a teeny bit spoiled), and I’m actually looking forward to running errands tomorrow - it has a great a/c, and it’s really good looking, too.

You don’t want to know… :teehee:

Really nice? I remember really nice weather…

In Charlotte, NC:sun: area
broke not brought…

Yup… clear blue sky, slight breeze (for now), I think it’s about 67 or so. :teehee: Later, it will be a little cooler with wind about 20mph. Now when I get home it’s usually a little warmer with little or no wind. Nights are cooler (won’t tell people I still sleep with flannel sheets and two blankets).

When I lived in California it was hot, and I hated it.

The thermomter in the car said 112. It’s about normal for us though this time of year.

Right now here in NJ it is 63! :woohoo:(sorry!) It feels so nice, I even like that it is overcast, reminds me of home.

orcoastknitter, you must not have been in my area of CA, Humboldt County where it is hot at 70f!

Sigh cloud9 Sounds wonderful (in dreamy trailing off voice)…

Actually, and I know this is horrible energy consumption, but DH keeps the thermostat so low, I still use my electric blanket occassionally on the lowest setting. He is very hot natured and I am very cold natured. We once had a bedroom with a fireplace. What a waste. Everytime we had a fire, he would have the fans going!

I lived in Santa Clara County, just south of San Fran. It was always hot and dry in the summer! I don’t miss it.

It’s hovering around 90 here in the Green Bay area and humid. GAK! I will be SO glad when the temps get back down to the 70’s for highs. I hate this hot weather.

99 here. And humid. No wind. Heat index is 111. The electric company has got to be loving this weather.

It’s 82 here in Michigan. I’m spoiled, I have the AC on. I can’t stand the heat. When I visit relatives in the south, I always feel like I’m going to melt. I’m so glad that they have AC now when I visit.

It’s 7:15pm here and it’s still 95 outside. It may cool down to around 87 overnight.

Hot hot hot…nearly 101 today. Ugh.

I want Fall to get here! I’m sick of temps in the 3 digits. :pout: