Today I rode my bike down to meet my friend from college at Granville Island. We ate delicious food and talked for hours, I got a bit of a sunburn hahaha. It was fun and relaxing, part of the time we sat near the water and tossed bits of fruit to the starlings that were stalking us, then we sat on grass under a tree. I ate a huge and extremely delicious veggie burger (it was a total mouthgasm!) and later had greek salad. My friend bought grapes and cherries and rice, pita and some bean type salad and juice etc.

I rode my bike 18km / 11 miles. Since I was traveling light on my bike I did not take any knitting with me…sigh I’m moving out of the country a week from now, so I won’t see her again for a loooooooooooong time which totally sucks. :frowning:

I really love Granville Island, we try to go there every time we are at the coast. Sounds like a lovely afternoon. where are you moving? So sad to be leaving such a nice place. Good luck on your new adventure.