Today is just not my day!

Okay so I have started this scarf for my son’s girlfriend for Christmas and I have botched it 4 times already today!!! :wall: I was trying to do a simple rib K2 P2 and I have bungled it and had to scrap it. I don’t think I am ment to make a scarf. I wanted something a little nicer than just a garter stitch (tried stockingnette too and that also failed) but I may have to go with that in the end. I have resorted to a glass of wine and no more knitting foor me today :grrr:

Awww, I’m sorry that things aren’t going your way in the knitting department :hug: Sometimes a little break is a good thing. Is there anything we can do to help you with your stockinette or ribbing?? Let us know.

Glass of wine sounds like a good idea to me.

I have a problem with rib too! I always say I have a short term memory problem and just cant do it.

Don’t worry have another go tomorrow or just do a big fluffy garter stitch all the way one!

Enjoy your wine and heres a hug :hug:


Thanks knitqueen but no; I just keep dropping stitches and can’t pick them back up properly so I have a hole in my work, I think some down time is in order. It seems to have started last night when I had to rip back a sweater i was working on and bungled that, so I thought I would start the scarf but alas it wasn’t mean’t to be. :pout:

Thanks a bunch, will do!!! To the wine bottle I go!! :roflhard:

I’ve had days like that (and p.s. I HATE knitting ribbed scarves, I tried to do one in k1p1 rib once --EW!). The other day I COULD NOT knit a thing, seriously, I’d do three rows, drop a stitch, pull them out, re knit them, drop a stitch, pull them out…rinse and repeat. I finally gave up completely on knitting and tried again the next day.

How ever did you get to put that moving picture of Cary Grant on here? I recently saw that movie and I enjoyed watching him knit. Thanks for smile he put on my face. :muah:


I’m sorry your having an off day… I hate those days seems like it messes everything else up too… hope tomorrow is a better day :hug:


I have been knitting for three and a half years now. I still have trouble with ribbing now and then. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes I struggle. I say, pick a different pattern, and off you go again! You just need one good finished object to have back in the saddle with a smile on your face.

Hang in there, we’re here for ya!

Hope all is much better today!

I understand… I just frogged a sweater for the 2nd or 3rd time. I just can’t get the counts right for some reason.


I wondered that too–it’s too cool! Though I must say, I like the one of Russell a wee bit better! :eyebrow:

Thanks all for your kind words of encouragement!! :muah:
I gave up the ribbed scarf idea and instead knitted another pair of slippers and all went well!!!
As for the pics I found them on a site and them uploaded them to and pasted then in my profile from there. :happydance: