Today I learned: re gloves

I have 2 pair of home made reading gloves (used for hand knitting too).
One pair acrylic (White in I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby - baby weight) one pair wool (Beige in Cone ends by Pendleton Wool Co.). I happened to glance at them lying in a pile where I took them off to do something else & they were filthy.
I mean we’re barely into really cold weather & they looked like I was shoveling coal with them.

So washing today. The white ones came sparkling clean. I cant get the wool clean. And I love those.

Moral of the story: Gloves must be made in acrylic. Or black wool. Im gonna try to dye the wool ones since it will be a small job.

And btw, angora gloves felt across the palm where you are touching it all the time. In no time they are permanently curved & shortened. I learned that lesson about 15 years ago. I loved the & wore them everywhere. Only got to wear them a handful of weeks. I have some favorite kid mohair/polwarth wool ones handspun, very fluffy & still going strong after ~15 years.