Today, I bought yarn, yarn, yarn, and more yarn

I’m teaching a friend how to knit … so, we went yarn shopping and found some wonderful yarns on sale… such as:
The one on the top right- was in a package of 10 and we both liked the yarn- so, we each bought 1/2 and split the yarn.

And… this yarn was a rare find-- we could buy it by the skein… (usually you have to buy a whole package of yarn) I plan on making nice lacy scarves… some for myself and some for gifts. This particular yarn was from Italy. Mama mia!!

AND, this isn’t all I bought… I know, I know… I don’t need any more yarn. :woohoo: But, I love yarn and it just calls out to me… take me home… take me home.

I put the photos of all the yarn on my blog. So, if you want to gaze and wish that computers had the ability to let you feel the yummy yarns… go check the rest of the yarn purchases out…

ooooh pretty!!! i like them all!:yay: :yay:

I want to start knitting w/ something from my new yarn haul… but, I have a baby hat… that is just barely started… but, must be finished… since, it’s a gift.

So, I can’t be tempted by the new yarn! :roflhard:

Ooooo so pretty! Lucky you. I’ve got so much yarn laying around and a baby blanket (gift for cousin) in the works that DH won’t let me buy anymore until I at least finish the blanket.:knitting: Talk about tough. So many other projects calling.:teehee:

Oh, I have so much yarn already… but, I can get it at really good prices where I live right now… so, I’m buying it while I can.
I look at it this way, after all, it doesn’t really go out of style, I won’t outgrow it before I can knit it up.

I only buy colors that I like… so, I should still like it years from now… AND…
when, I’m living somewhere… where I can’t afford to buy the yarn sold in that particular place AND, since, I currently work overseas… not all countries that I have lived in… have had yarn to buy… :knitting:

AND… it’s so pretty… it’s hard to resist. I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs… but, I do buy yarn. :slight_smile:

ooooooooooooooooooooooh yummy yarn overload! :passedout:

ohmygoodness!! :noway: my bank account is dead!! :roflhard: those are pretty yarns, though…

Wow!!! What fun!!! THey are all beautiful and I know you’ll LOVE knitting with them!! Congrats on such a fabulous find!

pretty colors!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=Navy][I][B]Beautiful yarn! YOUR ORCHIDS ARE GEORGEOUS! I want one! I would love to get a purple one!
Have fun knitting![/B][/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I love them all!
I love having new yarn in search of a project–that’s the order in which I usually go, yarn first, project TBD…

Hi -
I had to laugh at your post… I do the same thing… buy more and more yarn! I can only knit one scarf at a time! But I do love it. I will visit your Blog - sounds interesting!

Beautiful yarn!

Thanks all. I left my new yarn out so I could see it… and I just kept, kept knitting away at the little baby hat that I was knitting and I finally finished it after about 3 hours. *I posted the photo of the hat in the what cha knitting section.

So, last night… I cast on w/ one of the soft fuzzy mohair yarns to work on a simple lace stitch that I could teach to a new knitter in the near future. (my friend wanted to learn how to do lace after I showed her examples in the yarn market of knitted scarves in a simple lace stitch.) The yarn market is a really good teaching tool too- since, they have knitted items on display and she was able to pick out the ‘basket weave’ stitch… which is what I taught her to use for her scarf. I WAS SO PROUD OF HER… WHEN SHE’D STOP ME AND SAY, ‘Look, here’s another scarf in the basketweave stitch.’

But, it was also a good teaching tool- because, I could show her other stitches in person by using the various knitted items in the different yarn vendors shops.
Here’s the result…

How exciting your life must be. The yarn looks beautifuuul!

glojax… thank you… but, there’s not much of anything exciting going on here. :wink: lol:rofl:

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: I want a yarn market …

that’s so pretty! what is the mohair yarn? i just love it (says the knitter who’s trying to reduce her stash! :teehee: )

The red yarn that I started as a scarf… [B]is in the Italian Mohair yarn.[/B] *Also, all the other soft thin fuzzy mult-colored yarns are also the Italian mohair yarns. **I put more detailed photos of the individual groups on my blog.
The mohair was the only yarn that we able to buy only 2 skeins of each color. (I also only bought 2 skeins of the really thick multi-colored yarn)

All the other yarn had to be purchased in packages of 10 skeins (50 grams each) or 500 grams for the package. Or in 4 skeins (of 100 grams each) or 400 gram packages.

I didn’t dare take a photograph of the MOUNTAIN of yarn that would have been produced if I had put all the yarn together. I just took a photo of each different yarn. :roflhard:

I wish everyone could fly over here- I’d be happy to take you to the yarn market. However, the $2,000.00 airline ticket would put a dent in the yarn budget.

Some of this yarn was on big, big, sales… (not a regular event here) most of the yarn that we bought- we only paid $12.00 for four 100 gram skeins… or an entire package of 4 skeins of 100 grams per skein yarn for only $10.00- 12.00 dollars! 100%wool.
That’s why I bought so much yarn… I only paid full price for 2 packages of yarn.

Ok, now go and buy a plane ticket to Seoul, Korea and bring money for the yarn market… you have a more than willing yarn market escort!

mmmmmmmm it all looks so yummy!