Toasty Toes Socks

I just finished these super easy socks made with Interlacements Toasty Toes yarn. The pattern is Beginner Socks from Knitting Pure & Simple. Not fancy, but a really quick and easy knit for worsted yarn.

Nice job. They look nice and cozy!

love the color!! Green is my favorite, they look great.

ooh!! Very pretty socks! Green is a favorite of mine as well. :yay:

Those are pretty!

Wonderful work! I really must get busy and learn how to knit socks for pity’s sake! I am drooling and drooling over all the wondermous socks I see…and I am buyin’ socks at Fred Meyers.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your work with us! They are really great!

Those are beautiful socks! I love the colors – great work!

Lovely and the colour is really nice x

Great job! that is a pretty color,and i’m not usually partial to green

Those look really great. How did you like working with this particular yarn?

:happydance: Great job! I love that green :thumbsup:

Those socks are greatlooking! Very vibrant! I admire anyone who tackles sock patterns. I just can’t bring myself to do it.:teehee:

great socks: )

They look great. With the name “toasty toe (I didn’t see the ‘s’ on the end of toes) socks,” I was expecting socks with toes!

Ohh they’re beautiful!!! Great job… Is that your first pair or did you just choose the easy pattern for instant gratification factor??