To you sock-knittin' ladies and men...a question

What type of yarn do you prefer for socks, and what needle size do you use?? I’m almost finished my first sock, using a super fine acrylic/nylon blend. The gauge is 26S and 36R = 4"x4". I am finding that it takes FOREVER to make progress, and while I like the idea of hand made socks I don’t know if this one will ever have a mate!! :lol:

So I need ideas of what to use to result in a quicker finished product.


I prefer a fingering or sock weight yarn on size 1 or 2s respectively. Wool or cotton with nylon.

Sport weight would be a little quicker to knit up, I’d use size 4s. You could probably use 5s, but I like a tight knit fabric for socks so I tend to use the smaller size. You could also use a worsted weight on size 6 or 7s for even faster knitting, but these socks are bulkier and not always comfy in shoes.

I don’t like acrylic for socks as I’m in Florida and acrylic doesn’t breathe much so my feet get all sweaty. Ick.

If you’re anxious to knit a pair of socks, try your first pair with very short cuffs… like ankle socks. Once you get to the heel and gusset shaping, they’re so much fun, you’ll enjoy it more than the boring ol’ ribbing. :wink:

Im curious about this myself…

Are wool/nylon socks still comfy for summer wear? Are cotton/nylon ones better? Does anyone have suggestions for an easy summer sock pattern?

SILVER! Hi! Nice to see you coming out of the closet. Silver is the one who made that sock tutorial I posted the link to. And it’s SOLELY (no pun intended) her fault that I started knitting!

(and yet ANOTHER soaper)

Hi Twiggy!
You sure have become a knitting fool, eh? I have created a monster. Woohoo! :cheering:

When I began knitting socks I began with a larger (sport & worsted) yarn and larger dpns (5 & 7 I think) and in doing so it became easier to use the dpns bc I started out with those larger than the normal sock size dpns; it was also easier to use the bigger yarn. Then…as u get used to using the dpns (and it will happen, be like 2nd nature, and u will enjoy it.,…a lot!!) u can try using the smaller sizes and fingering (sock) weight yarn! Typically I use anywhere from a size 0 to 2 (sometimes 3, depending on yarn) dpns…that, too, depends on the yarn and the pattern. Now, as u r 1st beginning to make socks…it seems as tho it goes VERY SLOWLY…but…u will find that making socks go FAST…and here’s my secret for my ‘speed’…I knit socks in tandem! I would never finish the 2nd sock if I finished the whole 1st sock and THEN had to start all over again with the 2nd one!. So, I have 2 sets of dpns for each size of dpns that I use…on the 1st sock I will c/o the required amt and do the cuff; then I will c/o the required # of sts on the 2nd sock and do the cuff…etc, etc…then the socks will virtually be finished at the same time. And, yes, I use dpns, not circs (if I try circs I might really like using them for socks…then I would have to go out and buy double the amt of circs so that I could do my socks in tandem…get it?!) Was that any help?
FYI…I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: knitting socks!! Just been doing them since mid Jan and I think I’ve done around 12 pair (give or take)…u see, sock knitting is ADDICTING!! I also knit my socks from the top down, my next pair I will try to learn the toe up version. :XY: :XX: :x: :XY:
OMG…gotta go…missing the apprentice!!!

As I’m only on my second sock, not second pair, second sock my experience is very limited, but I’ve used size 3 for both. The first sock was made from Woolease and is very soft and cushy. The second sock is with the Moda Dea sock yarn, the name escapes me now! I’m finding with this yarn, size 2 or 1 would be better but still it’s cute. Knitting this pair for my DD, which is why I didn’t finish the first pair. It’s so much freaking fun knitting socks. Can’t wait to get my size 2 Addis in the mail. Hurry, hurry, hurry. :pray: Then I’m definately gonna try two socks on two circs.

Note: I started DDs sock on DPNs but switched to the two circ method, (hate my joins). WELL ladies the two circ method is SO MUCH FASTER. :XX: :XX: :XX: My joins still suck, but at least there’s not as many :thumbsup: I got the Cat Bordhi book and although I didn’t do one of her patterns, I did follow the instructions for converting a traditional pattern to the two circ method. Her book and instructions are AWESOME. :cheering:


Now don’t go telling me that now, kelly…bc now i’m thinking more about trying to do socks on circs…and i ALREADY have all of my dpns for working both socks at the same time!!..and u know what…i’d have to get addis cause i like them the best…now…go ahead…say u were lying and that u hate doing those socks on the circs…go ahead!! or…else I’m gonna tell my husband that it’s YOUR fault for my having to buy all of those needles . U see, he’s a wonderful man and fully supports my habit…as a matter of fact…he got me started knitting bc he thought i would like it (told ya…best man in the world!!)…but…he still (sometimes) wonders if I’m actually going to open a LYS simply bc of my accumulation of stuff.
so u see my dilemma…i know you’re gonna say it…thanks…u hate doing socks on circs!!
and u know…don’t know why I’m stressing on it, bc i LOVE doing 'em on dpns…but am itching to try the circs…
yes…my logic (rather illogic) goes round and round!!
Welcome to my (rather, my sweet man’s) world!!
have a :XX: day!

Okay, I was lying, I was lying :— I HATE the circs… Uh on the other hand, I don’t mind you blaming me for all the circs you’re gonna buy!! Gotta support fellow knitaddicts and Hey, people have gotten miffed at me for A LOT less LOLOL.

My BF sounds a lot like your hubby. He smiles and shakes his head when he sees a bag from the LYS. But fully supportive of my DIY addiction!

I do feel your constirnation (sp?) on the DP thing. They are so much fun. So when you’re ready for the Addis, remember that ebay guy :wink:

Thanks about the ebay guy…I went on ebay and looked him up as soon as I read about ya’ll getting addi’s from him…WOW…he’s got a BUNCH!! And I couldn’t, for the life of me, think a a real reason to buy any…only bc I’m over my yarn limit on my yarn credit card (u may have read in a previous post that I have a specific charge card for knitting…again…something from my love man…and I went over this week’s limit…so I’m on restriction…lol). My sweet, sweet :heart: :heart: :heart: husband is a smart man, he gets me this card for my :XX: , knowing full well that I will use it just for that, also knowing full well that that is the only way to keep myself under ‘yarn’ control…lol :figureditout: Unless, of course, he takes me to our LYS…and he gets me whatever I want!! I’m so blessed…in sooo many ways…all of my girlfriends are green with jealousy bc of all of the thoughtful things that he does…I’m really, really lucky and blessed…I LOVE THAT MAN!! Okay, lets get sappy…he’s a musician…a very, very good one; plays guitar & sings (sounds like Art Garfunkel…google it for u that r too young to know who he is!!)…anyway, when we got married…he sang to me (Lonnie, my husband…not Art…lol!!) and he sang "If’ by “Bread”…very, very romantic.
Now…go ahead…I know ya’ll have all gotta go google your '70s artists and songs…and I am not old enough to have gotten married in the 70s…fyi
As u all will find out…I babble and jump from subject to subject!!
Have a knitting nite

:rofling: Ha ha ha can you imagine explaining who Art Garfunkel is!
Well I know anyway.

I am so JEALOUS someone could knit TWELVE 12! pairs of socks since January. That is truly amazing. I made my first pair over Christmas and absolutely adored it. For some reason I haven’t got around to the 2nd pair but I WILL THIS WEEK. I would hate to use really fine yarn or the small 1s ors 2s but maybe I’ll try later.

My first pair (there’s a picture somewhere here) was knit out of beautiful thick green wool and they were so big I had to give them to DH instead of keep them for me. Size 3 needles. He loves them! Yeah, and that’s the best way to knit socks… doing them at the same time. Being a beginner, when I got to the 2nd sock I had forgot how to do a few things and had to sit and think too much duh So I will always do them together now.

Don’t know about circulars though.


:oops: :oops: :blush: :blush: Ok…I’m over the embarrassment u caused me, vic…all about the garfunkel thing…lol, j/k…that was funny!!!
The reason that I’ve knit that many pairs of socks since jan. is not that i’m superknitter (I can see the action figure now…lol) but bc I am disabled and unable to work…so knitting not only gives me something to do (started last June…again, my husband bought my learn to knit kit!!) but it truly is therapy like u hear people say!! It has really and truly helped me to keep my mind off of the pain and has even sometimes helped me to reduce my pain meds!! And, so…when :figureditout: that lightbulb over my head FINALLY went off (when watching the sock knitty gritty show) I went sock knitting MAD…yes, I am a sock knitting mad woman!! Starting out with the larger dpns (7s i think) and larger yarn helps a lot, too…then u just get comfortable with the whole thing and off u go…FYI…on at the knittygritty website there is a show about socks (videos included) that really helped me…now the girl on there, karen baumer…she is FAST!! And she’s a continental knitter (i just can’t get into cont. knitting…wish i could) and I mean to tell ya…I bet she knits socks in her sleep!!
Have a knitty week

hey rebecca! I didn’t mean to cause any embarassment… I think people who DON’T know Simon & Garfunkel’s beautiful music should be embarassed! (Well, some of it was beautiful wasn’t it…)

I’m so glad the knitting has helped with your pain. That’s wonderful. I know it is therapy. I get knitting jags where if I don’t sit down and knit RIGHT NOW I think I’ll go crazy. I’m looking forward to my next pair of socks… you’ve got me all fired now. Will check that video out. Thanks again.

Vic…I was just messing with u…lol! I would never admit to the www that u made me cry…they probably already knew it, anyway!! I’M JOKING!!
U r gonna find that socks will become an addiction…wait and see…

The chorus of my most favourite song by S&G:

♪ Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart,
♪ You’re shaking my confidence daily.
♪ Oh cecilia, I’m down on my knees,
♪ I’m begging you please to come home.