To Wrap or Not to Wrap

I am making socks for my 2-yo dgd. The pattern says it may be done wrapping or not wrapping a stitch on each heel row. I’ve also noticed that some sock patterns call for wrapping while others do not. Is there an advantage to wrapping, and if so, what is it? Also does it make a difference whether I wrap the first stitch of the row or the last, so long as I am consistent?

If you don’t use some method to close the holes created when you work back and forth to do short rows, you will end up a little line of eyelets on each side of the heel – this could be desirable or not depending on what you want the socks to look like. When you use the W&T (wrap and turn) technique, you create a wrap at the end of a row, and then, when you long row back, you work the wrapped stitch together with its wrap to close the hole that would otherwise be created at the turning point. There are other short row techniques that will give you neat, hole-less short rows as well.