To wind or not to wind?

Hi. I have just learned to knit and have a question about starting. This site has been helpful already, so I thought I’d ask here. Is it always necessary to wind yarn into a ball before beginning? I am making a scarf (naturally, since it’s my first project) and have just finished my first skein of yarn. I wound the last skein into a ball, but as I was doing so I wondered whether I really had to. The yarn unwound so cleanly I am doubtful that it would have tangled if I had not made it into a ball. The yarn I am using is Patons Classic Wool. Before I go to all the trouble of winding the next ball of yarn, could somebody tell me if it’s necessary?

Thank you so much!


I really haven’t thought of that before. I just always wind it in a ball. I’ll be looking forward to getting the answer here. :slight_smile:


I prefer to wind into balls because I like the way if flows off while I’m knitting.

I only wind if the yarn comes in a hank that must be wound. If it comes from a center-pull skein or ball, I use it as it is.

I only wind it if it came in a hank. Well actually, I’ve never ordered hanks, I’ve only gotten them at the LYS. So the LYS winds the hanks into balls for me :smiley: If it’s just in a regular skein, I’ve never wound it.

If it’s already in a skein I don’t bother. I want to get to work with it too much to spend time rewinding it.

There is no reason to wind a ball from yarn in a skein. The yarn comes out easily from a center-pull skein. Why would you bother making a ball out of it?

The only time I wind yarn is when it comes in a hank, because it’s almost impossible to knit directly from a hank.

I only rewind if it comes in a hank. I’d never rewind a skein of Patons Wool.
You also don’t have to use the center pull, you can use the outside. (I prefer to use the outside most of the time.)

I normally don’t wind it if it is center pull, but I did have one center pull ball that I wound. I have no idea what I’m going to make with it yet, but I was so desperate to play with it that I curled up on the couch with my hubby, started a movie, and wound up my yarn.:teehee:

Thank you all so much for your speedy help! I’ll not wind this one. I only wound the last one because my grandmother (who is not a knitter) said that her sisters always used to wind before knitting. I suspected that they didn’t have skeins as nicely prepared as those available today, but since I’d never knitted before, I thought I’d rather be safe than sorry and just listen to my grandma! Now, however, I’ll listen to you.

i’m like everyone else, i usually only wind when i have to. i do it some other times too though - when i only have one skein and am knitting with two strands, and when i get to the end of a skein and it looks like it’s going to tangle on me.