To thumb or not to thumb, that is the question

OK My grandson is 4 months old and for Christmas I would like to make him a Hat and Mitten set. I have the hat pattern picked out,

The mittens are putting me in quite a befuddled state. Should I make them with a thumb or leave the thumb out?

The hat he will be able to wear for several years but the mittens will be for this year only.

So should I thumb them or not?

I vote for no thumb on the 1 year and under crowd!

I agree with WildMountainHoney, no thumb for a baby that young.

Thank you. This will make the mittens easier to make also. Iam having so much fun knitting since I learned but the choices for things are overwhelming.

Yes, I agree with Wild and Jax. No thumbs will be better.

Even though it looks like you’ve made up your mind, I’m still voting with the no thumbs crowd. :mrgreen:

Honestly, my DD is 2 and she would really do better without a thumb in her mittens. They are always too long and they get stuck in the coat sleeve. She can’t really use them anyway and they would be much more useful, even at this age, without the thumb!

Make a tube sock and you have a mitten, just dont make it as long; And, w/no thumb to worry about, voila! a nice little mitten.