To spin or not to spin

Maybe i need to learn how to spin… All signs are pointing to it.

1.) My mom has this old wheel from my great-great-grandmother’s upstate NY farm that has sat in our house (as decoration) since i was a kid. No one in my family has spun since the 1800’s. It needs refurbishing but i think it could easily be made functional. (it’s beautiful too)

2.) I’m in awe of those who spin and create such beautiful yarn. Case in point, check out Silver’s blog - she’s made some gorgeous stuff!

3.) I have a good friend from another bulletin board i frequent who owns her own sheep/cattle ranch. Out of the blue she offered to send me some wool when they shear in Sept. Ack what would i do with it?? :shock:

The truth is, i’m skeered to spin and dye my own yarn… I shouldn’t be, but it seems like such a big undertaking.

sigh But the signs are there…

Do most people start with drop spinning? Is it hard?


Drop spindle spinning is a good introduction to spinning, but you most definitely do not have to master it before moving to a wheel, as they are very different motions. I prefer the wheel b/c it’s easier for me than the drop spindle, and the drop spindle hurts my shoulder (too much arm raising). You might want to look for classes. The class I took taught us spindle spinning, wheel spinning, how to shop for a fleece, how to process the fleece, all that jazz. I buy what feels soft :wink:

As a spinner, I prefer my wool/fibers to be completely processed before I get them. I have no interest in cleaning, combing and carding the wool before I can do anything with it. Some people really enjoy that piece, but I find it too much work when I have a hard enough time trying to fit spinning into my routine.

But I love to spin! I haven’t made anything useful, but I find it incredibly relaxing (when it goes well). I love feeling the fiber run through my fingers and onto the wheel.

Good luck!

Oh goodness, if you have a wheel that you could make functional, I say go for it :thumbsup:

I’ve only used a spindle, 'cause I don’t foresee having the cash to get a wheel any time soon (too many things on the to-buy and to-fix lists :rollseyes: ) At first it was a bit cumbresome but now I’m really enjoying it. A lot. This week I spun 200 yards of yarn from 6 oz of fiber I got at the county fair last weekend. :happydance: I find it to be really relaxing and I really just enjoy the feel of it – and it’s so amazing to me that on Saturday I had a big ball of fluff, and now I have a bunch of yarn!

I don’t think I’ll ever spin more than I knit, but it is a cool complementary skill to have. Like Wendie, I have noooo desire to clean fleeece. Give it to me soft and smooth and ready to spin. :smiley: