To Shape Neck

I am knitting an Adult Cardigan by Paton, and am trying to understand this line.

TO SHAPE NECK: NEXT ROW: Cast off 6 sts. (neck edge). Purl to end of row>>>I understand this!
[U]Decrease 1 st at neck edge on next 4 rows, then on flollowing alternate rows to 15 sts on needle.[/U]
(I am a little unclear about this. I am thinking that the neck edge would be on just one end so why would I have to decrease on next 4 rows)
So as the pattern reads would I do the following?
Do I decrease on next 4 rows …then after the 4th row I would knit then decrease, knit then decrease…etc until there’s 15 sts>


You decrease on the neck edge over the 4 rows so that you have a gradual decrease rather than abrupt one.

So after the 4 rows of decreasing every row, you decrease on just the knit or purl rows at the neck edge until you’re down to 15.

You do the decs every time you get to the neck edge for 4 rows. So BO, purl to the end, * turn and knit the next row, doing a k2tog at the end, turn, purl 2 tog, purl the rest of the row and repeat from the * I put in above. Then you would just k2tog at the end of the knit rows until you have 15 sts left.

Thank you so much Ingrid and Suzeek for your help:hug: