To Rip or Not - Opinions Needed

I am more than half way through a top down sweater and I’m not happy with it. I’ve been knitting for a year and still only see my mistakes. I’ve completed the body and have begun the first sleeve but I’ve lost the joy for this project. I begun this sweater several months ago and was looking forward to completing it. But now I’m not sure I’ll even wear it because of the mistakes.

I’m not really sure what to do. Do I put this aside for a while or rip it out?

I’m starting to wonder if maybe knitting sweaters just isn’t my thing because I seem to lose interest part way through. Whereas smaller projects like socks, mittens etc I love.

Thanks in advance for your help, I sure need it now because I’m so discouraged. :help:


If you were just tiring of the volume of knitting, I’d say just set it aside for a while. But you mention that there are so many mistakes in the garment that you wouldn’t wear it. It is good to know yourself.

I would (and have) torn down many sweaters lots of times…and re-knit the things til I get them right. You should try to re-knit this sweater immediately, especially since your errors are freshly in mind, and you’ve prolly discovered what your mistakes were! That is called “field training”! Don’t give up!

One time I was knitting BETTNA using a particular NORO colorway…and I got one whole piece done…and had to admit I hated the profuse olive greens that dominated the color dispersion.

I set it aside. Months later, I tore it out. I thought and thought about it…and there was no other way out except to hack up the yarn and cut out all olive greens…and I didn’t want to do that either.

The I started another pattern with the NORO. Didn’t like that either and tore it all out, too.

The yarn is still awaiting a pattern. I think I found one. But I will have to cut out/remove all of the olive greens, and the emerald greens, too. I just don’t like them included with light greys, icey greys, charcoal greys, blacks and teals.

Aw Linda, I know how you feel…everyone says to me “Oh you have so many sweaters! How many have you knit?” And I laugh and say “ask me how many I have ripped!”

If you aren’t feeling the joy put it aside. I mean what’s the point if it isn’t fun, right? Knit something you love THEN rip the darn sweater and try again.

My learning curve in knitting anything was very long and it took me many tries to get my first sweater right.

It’s OK, frogging can be a very freeing experience:cheering:

I love her comment! :teehee: Yeah, frogging is the ultimate power move!!! :teehee:

We’re alike. When I have a large project I loose interest in it. I put it aside for a week or so and do a smaller project. Then go back to it. I’m back to doing only small projects.

If it were me, I would rip it out if the mistakes were visible. Unless I was the only one who will see the sweater.

Good luck:)

Thanks everyone. I may try to rip out the sleeve as there are holes where I tried to pick up the stitches.

The sweater is by all means not perfect but perhaps others wouldn’t see the mistakes. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist in the sense that once there’s a mistake, that’s all I see.


Don’t give up. I have ripped out many sweaters for one reason or another. I would have a friend rip it out and then you can start again. (It is less painful if someone elses rips it out.) Try knitting with friends. It helps make the knitting go faster and it is fun.

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately none of my friends knit and I haven’t joined a knit night any my LYS yet due to time constraints. Boy I can’t tell you how many false starts and issues I’ve had with this sweater.

Plus the sleeves are done on 16" circs which is fine except I’m using clover and the join between the needle and cable is awful and I hate knitting with them. I’ve just ordered some of the 16" KP fixed circs so after I rip the sleeve out, I may wait until my order comes in to start the sleeve again.

If you’re not happy with it now, you’re not going to be happy with it once it’s finished. And, why force yourself to knit something you’ve lost all passion for? I say frog it. It’ll be therapeutic. If you fear frogging, there’s no time like the present to face your fear :slight_smile:

Linda, if that is your only complaint with your sweater, don’t bother ripping. It is the nature of the top down beast to have some “hole-age” at the underarm. It is very easy to close up the holes with the tail end of the yarn you used for joining.

Another trick for keeping the underarm hole free is to pick up 2 extra stitches, leave a nice long yarn end and then on your first round, when you get to the picked up stitches use the yarn end along with the working yarn to knit just the picked up stitches at the underarm. Works really well.

Thanks Denise, I may try doing that. I still feel I’ll rip out the sleeve as I’m not that far into it. Perhaps if I try again it won’t be as bad. But I’m going to try your suggestion.

Thanks again.