To rib or not to rib legwarmers?

I just made myself a pair of legwarmers from Melanie Falick’s “Weekend Knitting”. They are stockinette stitch with 1½" ribbing on both ends, and I made them out of some really fun acrylic yarn, just to wear around the house (my husband likes the house kept [I][U]cold[/U][/I]!) So I decided that I wanted another pair of merino wool legwarmers to wear outside so they would be extra warm. The pattern uses merino wool, and they give you the option of whether or not to use the ribbing (the ones they have pictured are all just stockinette tubes). When I made the acrylic ones, I just made them with the ribbing because I have trouble with keeping things up on my legs, and acrylic always bounces back after a machine wash and dry. Well, for this second set of legwarmers, I’m going to be using “traditional” (that is, non-superwash wool) wool, and I will be blocking them. I get nervous about blocking wool when there’s ribbing because it seems like it stretches out. I liked the way the plain stockinette legwarmers in the picture looked, but I’m a little bit nervous about how they’ll stay up. Does anybody have any thoughts/input/ideas/personal experience here? I was thinking about making the ribbing at the top where it will be below the knee, but keeping the plain stockinette at the area that hits the top of the foot, maybe.

Well you could knit in some knitting elastic? I think ribbing can be blocked no problem, if it opens up a bit too much (will depend partly on your knitting and the wool) you can reblock it to be a bit more ribby, where you kind of stretch it vertically rather than horizontally.

:doh:Now why didn’t I think of that??? I might try knitting in some elastic…that’s a great idea too. I’m so glad everybody on KH is helpful and has such great ideas!!! :cheering: