To pull or not to pull?

Hoping someone can help me…I am knitting my grand daugther a skirt(size4) . I was just finishing it when I pulled on a thread about half way down the skirt which has caused a pull about 6 inches long… I have tried to put the pull back in its place but can’t so I am thinking my only alternative is to pull the whole thing apart and start over again!!! Anyone have any ideas?

Is the pattern in stockinette or is it a different pattern. If it is in stockinette, you might be able to place a needle holder in, reknit the stuff below where the pull is, and then use kitchener to combine the two pieces.

Have you tried working the snag back into the stitches on either side of it? You may need a smaller needle or crochet hook, but if you follow the yarn strand in that area you should be able to even it out somewhat. Then washing will help put it more even too.

I think this has helped…will wash as you suggested and see what happens…thanks so much for your help:muah: :wink:

I’ve done this before…