To PomPom or Not? That is the question

I made this hat for my friends daughter.

I like it the way it is. But the pattern calls for a PomPom on top.

What do you think?[/img]

might want something to fill that hole. i am partial to long tassles too! how old is your daughter? you could do curli-q’s similar to the ones i did for this hat…

but they can be a weeeeeee bit of a pain! they are relatively easy but a little hard on the fingers from trying to get three stitches into one loop.

i had forgotten about it until rebecca reminded me how bad it was. i have a hat that has been sitting for about 2 months now because the memory came back and i am now avoiding! :wink:

okay…that will be my goal this week. finish a pair of booties AND that hat!


My aunt made us hats and mittens one year, and although I loved her very much and loved the hat and mittens (even though I really didn’t like mittens usually), the first thing I did when she left was cut the pom pom off the hat, and the little ones off the gloves. And this was in the 80’s when that kind of stuff was almost cool… :roflhard:
A tassel would be cute, maybe, but pompoms :help:

All IMHO, of course :wink:

edited: I like the curlieQ’s!!

She’ll be one this week.

Where can I find the pattern for those?

it is a Nickie Epstein thing. I believe i cast on about 45 stitches and then came the fun part. you have to knit into the front, the back, and the front again…of each stitch. oh and then you bind off.

so now that i have said all that i believe it was actually 30 stitches that i cast on because i remember thinking that it seemed odd that i would start with 30 stitches and end with 90! you obviously can make them as long or as short as you want though!

i believe i did it on size 4 needles. and yes, by the time you are knitting that third stitch, it is near to killing you but when you see it starting to curl, it is fully worth it! :wink:

NO POM POMS!!! i hate pom poms for some strange reason. unless they are hanging off a string or something. then they are cute.

If the child is only one she might put it in her mouth. Pom pom = chocking hazard.

Besides Curly Q’s what can I use to “fill” the hole?

Those curlies are cute! They are super easy to crochet if you know how. Make a chain and double or single crochet about 3-5 times in each chain. It’ll make a natural spiral.

The infant hat I have on my site is shown with a pom pom, but I made my original using a cute button for the top. It covered the hole nicely, and gave me a chance to use up one of the MANY cute kiddy buttons I have. I didn’t have to worry about it being a choking hazard as I sewed it on very good {it was part of my finishing off the yarn tail!}. It also allowed the hat to fit nicely under the hood of a snowsuit. VERY important when you spend around 4 months without seeing a temperature above freezing!

I’m making stocking-style hats for all my kids at home this year, and I’m finishing them all off with tassels.

I voted no…but that’s my personal preference. I don’t like pompoms. However, you don’t want that little spot on her head to get cold…the curly-cues were a cute idea.

How about adding a knit (or crochet) flower instead of a pom pom? Not that I know how to do that, but maybe you do! :thinking: might be cute! Good luck in and I hope you show us the finished hat!

I voted no, but there should be SOMETHING on the top. Just not a pompon.

I like the curlies, myself. No pom pom, either.

AWWW! What a great idea! Make one of theseand sew it to the top of that cute hat!!! That would look so wonderful… maybe witha few green curlieQ’s as stems/vines??
:wink: We’re so darn creative.

Anything but a pompom!!!

Those flowers which were linked are super cute!

What about an Icord in a knot, like this?