To make small?

i have a pattern for childs slipers but i was wondering if u i use smaller yarn and smaller needles keeping everything eles the same would it come out the same but smaller? dose any one know or should i just try and hope for the best?

You would need to check your guage mostly. Try making a small swatch and then measuring it, for otherwise the slippers won’t fit the child.

“You would need to check your guage mostly.” sounds like asilly question but how would i know what guage to make it?

Your pattern should show the guage (stitches per inch/rows per inch) To determine the guage of your knitting, you use the needles and yarn you wish to use to make the pattern and knit a square. On the wrong side measure it and count your stitches.

yes but the guage is set for the right size i want to make it smaller. so ummmm?help?

I understand what you’re saying. It would definitely make it smaller, but whether it would fit who you want is a guess when you change up the pattern. Give it a try and see if it works.

ok thanks ill try no harm in trying i guess, wish me luck. ty jan