To Give up or Not to Give Up, that is the question

I am working on a round dishcloth. It’s supposed to turn out really pretty with varigated yarns. (Here is a link to the pattern and pic of other finished cloths:

I am using a red-white-blue varigated yarn, and unfortunately it’s not turning out as pretty as I would have liked. (The blue is too dark and hides the “lace” work.)

I am about 70% done with it (I keep hoping it will “magically” look better).

I am debating or just giving up for going ahead and finishing the project. It’s a simple pattern and very relazing to stitch…

Here is a pic (please ignore my newbie errors!) (click for larger pic):

Never Give up Never Surrender!

In all honesty, I think it’s pretty cool. I like the way the colors kinda shoot out from the center, but it is you that has to be happy with it. I made a scarf that I don’t really like the colors on and I can’t wear it because I don’t quite like it, and I can’t gift it because I feel like it is not nice to give something that I don’t quite like. If you can’t bring yourself to like it, I’d say frog it or it will be sitting around your home in the corners of drawers and cabinets haunting you.

I would go ahead and finish it. You can still use it to wash dishes.

If you like the pattern, make it again using a different yarn!

I concur on both counts. I think it is lovely just the way it is and it is only for dishes and the dishes won’t mind! Then you can get another varigated color that will show up the beautiful lace work and make another one!

I know it may not show the detail work as much as you would like, but I think it looks very nice. I’d keep it as is.

Don’t give up! You don’t have much more to knit. I’ve knit that dishcloth too. Yours looks good.