To Frog, or not?


I am 6 days about 7" into my first sweater; top down, starts flat then join for in the round. I randomly checked my gauge last night and discovered my gauge is 2 sts/4" greater than what it was when I swatched😭 At this rate I’ll end up with a very expensive sweater for my year and a half old granddaughter!! What would y’all suggest at this point? (Can you tell I’m in denial about frogging it😂)


Oh-oh, this happens and it really has only one end as you already know. If you don’t want to save it until your granddaughter is older, better to frog now and get it over with.


Thank you salmonmac for confirming what I already knew in my heart😕 I’m finally coming to acceptance, lol. Now I know to knit with a larger size needle (after I swatch with it first) and use a much longer circular cable so I can try it on as I go!!