To Frog or not to Frog?

I started knitting this jacket and this morning I realized my front panel is facing/overlapping the right side instead of the left. Should I frog it and pick up the stitches for both panels and collar again because I have to knit 2 of each since my friend is having twins wouldn’t it be awkward to have one panel facing left and the other facing right? or should I just leave it alone since I’ve worked sooo hard and hope the other sweater panel turns out to be on the left.?
This is what the sweater is suppose to look like.

I would frog the ribbing panels and re-knit so that the buttonholes are correct for a boy. Be glad this is a teensy size! Shouldn’t take long now that you’ve experienced it once! I made this very same double-breasted coat for my little grandson, Keoni! It is the nicest little jacket! Your knitting looks wonderful!

The “rule” is that buttonholes go on the right for a girl and left for a boy. What is your friend having? Maybe you have it correct for one of the babies. But it is not something (the “rule”) that a lot of people even know about, so don’t sweat it too much. Of if you want to make one for a girl and one for a boy, just make sure you make the other one turn out as you mean for it to. That will work as long as you don’t have a pink one for the boy and a blue one for the girl. :lol:

the picture above is not my knitting…hehe…I found the picture on Ravelry.

No one knows if she’s having 2 boy/girls or 1 of the other…but I suppose I will frog it.aarrgghh!!!lol

the picture above is not my knitting…hehe…I found the picture on Ravelry.

No one knows if she’s having 2 boy/girls or 1 of the other…but I suppose I will frog it.aarrgghh!!!lol

I wouldn’t. It’s an arbitrary “rule”, especially for babies. I have quite a few pieces of clothing where the overlap is on different sides.

Oh, gotcha!

I’ve knit for a lot of grandbabies, and numerous other babies at our congregation and unless I [U]really know[/U] what the sex of the baby is…I stick to pullovers. I guess I’m OCD about the buttonhole placements for girls [U]vs[/U] boys. :pout:

How about a cute pullover??? There are lots of them!

In your situation I think I’d leave it. Who knows maybe you are changing it to incorrect when it is correct now. :slight_smile: If you don’t know the babies’ sex I don’t how how you can be expected to get the buttons on the “right” sides.

I [I]think [/I]that it’s also the reverse of what we have in Europe, any time my parents have brought me back clothes from their holidays in the US, I always feel that the zip/buttons are on the wrong side. I don’t think it matters too much to a baby what side they dress on!

well, just my opinion, but i wouldn’t frog it, and even if the other one comes out overlapping the other side, it would helpto tell the twins apart if they are identical!!, also, each twin would have a unique sweater-- linknit41

I don’t think it really matters. I gave my bf a shirt that was too small for me and he wears it even though the buttons are on the ‘wrong’ side.

well I know the boy side buttons to the left but when I was doing up the buttons for my sons I always tried to do them to the right 'cos I’m a girl,so I think with babies it can go either way at least until they start doing up there own buttons.

It’s double-breasted. Who’s going to look that close to see where the button holes are? I say leave it as is.

Cute sweater, too!

I would leave it as well. I always thought it was crazy to have buttons going different ways just because of boy vs. girl. I personally don’t think it should ever matter. I have a men’s shirt that I love and no one has ever said anything about the buttons. My dd just bought a men’s flannel shirt yesterday because there weren’t any for girls.

Leave it and make the next one… As the recipient, I would be happy to receive it no matter the buttons.