To Frog or not to Frog

This sleeve looks messed up to me and I don’t know how to fix it.
It’s the baby bolero pattern from the book “One Skein”

Pictures are attached. To frog… or not?

From the looks of it, the seam is what is bothering me, the rest looks ok. Kinda hard when it’s a drop square sleeve to get that just right in the underarm. I am thinking that you don’t have to frog it, just undo the seam there and redo that, maybe taking in an extra stitch on each side to get rid of the bumpiness there. That might help. Couldn’t hurt and ya don’t have to go into the frog pond just sit on the edge with yer toes in the water.

I agree with Fibernut! Dangle your toes in the pond, but you don’t need a dip in the water!

Also, you might want to look at the videos up top, check for mattress stitch. It’s an almost invisible seam!

Good luck!

I don’t really know how to put in a sleeve like that. I think that’s the issue and the pattern just says to set it in, but does not tell me how.

O OK hun, I can help you there.
Undo all the seaming for the sleeve and the side seams. Leave the shoulder seams intact.
Now fold your sleeve in half and mark the center.
With right sides together, center your mark over the shoulder seam and make sure that you have equal amounts of sleeve on each side. Double points work really well for using as “pins” to pin it into place. Just remember to pull them as you get to them, just like in sewing you pull the pins when you get to them so you aren’t sewing over them. Seam the bound edge of the sleeve to the body of the sweater. Do the same for the other side.
Now turn your sweater insideout and match sleeve seams and side seams. Pin carefully with dpn’s making sure to pull them as you get to them. Now sew the sleeve and side seams in one fell swoop. Do the same for the other side, making sure that you start at the same place. Either the bottom of the sweater or the cuff of the sleeve. That makes sure that the “grain” or pull of your seams don’t pull in opposite directions.

Hope that helps hun.:knitting:

well crap.

I was taking out the seam and there is a huge hole that’s not supposed to be there. It unraveled all the way down to the provisional cast on. Argh. I stink at this.

I thought I could move on past blankets, scarves, socks and hats but this did not go well.

OMG!!!:noway: NOOOOOOO!!!:waah: Say it ain’t so.:zombie: :passedout:
Well, darlin, most of the time people who have the hardest time are the ones who end up being the best at it.
Just keep on keepin on. You’ll get it and have the bonus knowledge on what NOT to do next time.
Being gifted is great. Being experienced is PRICELESS!!:slight_smile:
Just go back and redo the offending part hun (hopefully it was just a front part so there’s not a whole lot of knitten goin on.)Then seam it up the way I told you.
Before you know it, you’ll be a pro and bonus you’ll be able to help peeps who are having the same problem you are.

Don’t get frustrated or down about it. Just consider the first time practice. I don’t think I’ve ever completed a project without frogging it at least once. Just think, now you get the pleasure of knitting it again!

The most experienced lady in our mother/daughter knitting group was always able to help us with our mistakes. Her comment was,“Well, I’ve made them all, so I had to learn how to fix them.”

I thought it was kind of funny till I started knitting more and more stuff…and making more and more mistakes…but just like she said, I learned how to frog and put things back together, and how to make mistakes… and how to avoid them in the future.

I really think those of us who make the big mistakes and survive are the ones who are the more fearless knitters–the ones who make scarves for 20 years because they don’t think they can do more are the ones who haven’t learned that mistakes aren’t fatal!

All that to say…keep on and you’ll figure it out. And the next one will be even better for the experience!

I have done the hats the scarves and the fetchings! those had the thumb to worry about. I got through those. Then on to the socks :passedout: well it took me almost a whole summer to realize that I can make socks.:woot: So just redo your knitting and like everyone says a few frogs in the pond only helps us to be a better knitter. Right now I am in the process of trying to do lace :doh::hair::waah: It isn’t pretty but by the time I get done hopefully I will be doing lace. It sure won’t be tomorrow :roflhard: so keep keep going you will do it :hug::happydance: :waving:

you are doing fine…if you do choose to FROG, when you redo the sleeve------knit the ribbing for the cuff on a smaller needle than the sleeve…then when you go to the body of the sleeve use the required needle. you might also check what the measurements of the finished piece say and be sure you are to gauge (don’t you hate to knit the swatch for gauge??? we all do! but do it anyway!) the mattress stitch for closing will clean up that seam edge…
keep going! we have all done that ‘first sweater!’ and the baby will love it no matter what!