To finish afghan or not

I decided that for this Christmas I was going to make a dear couple that are like adoptive grandparents to me knitted gifts. I did a shoulder shawl for her and was just starting a lapghan for him. They are my parents neighbors and I live in a different state. He was put in the ICU last week and we found out last night he has advanced cancer and surgeons say he won’t survive surgery and have said he most likely won’t survive the week. I am at a loss. I could not handle having the finished product in my house knowing it had been intended for him, nor could I give it to someone else. So - do I just return the yarn and move on or keep knitting and pray for a miracle? This is her second husband, I was there when her first husband died and she is not the type to hold onto things so I know the afghan after the fact would not be of any comfort to her. Thoughts?

Oh my, what a heart-wrenching story!

I guess if you haven’t really gotten it started, you could return the yarn. Or just stash it if it can’t be returned.

Maybe you could finish it anyway with A) the hope he’ll survive long enough to use it or more likely B) donate it to a charity in his name after he passes. His wife might like the idea of that.

Good luck in your decision. Prayers to the couple and their loved ones.

Oh, how very sad. And I’m so sorry for your impending loss. ((()))

I was also going to suggest making the lapghan and then donating to a charity in his name.

I’d definitely go with what feels most comfortable to you.

I think you should complete the lapghan, if he does not survive then donate it to your local Hospice in his memory.

Maybe the wife would like to have it herself. Something lovingly made for her dear husband might be comforting for her. I think I’d finish it and then ask if she like it or if she’d prefer that you donate it. :hug: