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I have had a crochet collar from an AA’s book on my todo list for a long time. I guess you can say that raising a family and making other things kept it there. Now I put it to the top of the list and I have one problem. The collar calls for Cebelia thread in size 10 and size 5. Ten is no problem but the five isn’t made anymore. Now Cebelia thread is my favorite to work with as it has nice sheen and feels silky. Given the piece could be used to adore a wedding dress or very fancy dress I want to make it. The collar pattern even came with a complete wedding dress pattern in the AA book.
Suggestions for a substitution?

[COLOR="#330099"]You can use a double strand of size 10 instead of the size 5. Crochet thread size is inverse to the number progression. A size 10 thread is half the size 5. Number 20 is half the diameter of #10 thread. The numbering seems to be based on WIP.

Having said that I would also point out that a double strand of crochet thread does not blend together like softer/looser twisted yarns. You may see the separate strands in the stitches. You would need to determine if that is acceptable to you.

Is there another brand that is compatible in color, sheen, and feel? In my experience, crochet thread has much better standardization over that of yarns weights. :roll:

Good luck in your search. Crossed Fingers

P.S. Perhaps I should note that I have crocheted quite a few doilies in my youth. ;)[/COLOR]

Thanks, Jack. Let me show you what it looks like and then maybe you might have another idea:

The pattern calls for Cebelia and it is my favorite thread. Now I would have said that 20 doubled would work but I am not so sure. I did take size 20 and doubled it and held it next to a size 5 embroidery thread. Close but no cigar, lol. The size 5 thread is to be used in the cording part of the collar.

That’s really pretty. I hope you find it somewhere. Have you tried AA? Maybe they could direct you to a replacement.

That is a really nice patten.Could you use a DMC pearl cotton size 8

After an extensive google search I found some Opera thread in the sizes I need and I can’t wait to get started.