To buy first yarn or pattern?

Just curious what most people do. I usualy buy yarn first and think of something that could be made into. The only problem is if I don’t use it soon and it gets discontinued I may not have enough for the project I like.

great question!!!
I do both.

When there is a specific pattern I want to make, I get the pattern first.

When I see yarn I have to have, I look for a use later… :teehee:

I’m new enough to this my stash isn’t too large. I’m pretty sure of what I’m making with everything.

I’ll be interested to see what everyone else says.

I can’t make myself buy yarn without a pattern or at least without knowing what I’m going to make. Yarn for socks or scarf/mittens I can do without a pattern, but never something larger. The pattern comes first.

It all depends on what kind of mood I’m in. Normally I have a pattern in mind when I buy yarn. But I get yarn as gifts so I then have to come up with things to do with it. OR I buy yarn for a certain pattern but later change my mind and make something else. Right now I’m working on a bunch of stuff for my mom for Mother’s Day and since her favorite color is orange I’m trying to knit/crochet everything in orange. This has lead to some stash busting.

Definately YARN (as evidenced by my spare room full of yarn :happydance: ). I see a yarn, fall in love with it, HAVE to have it, buy it, THEN worry about what I’m going to make with it. Usually what happens is I find the perfect pattern but don’t have enough yarn and have to scramble to find more.

I do both together. If I buy the yarn I have a plan in mind for it.

I don’t feel confident enough in myself to select yarn without a project in mind.

I typically see a picture of something I would like to make, look at the pattern, and order whatever the pattern calls for. I usually want whatever I make to look as much like the picture as possible. Not very creative, I know, but I’m challenged in that way (and many other ways as well :teehee: ).

I know I shouldn’t but, with a few exceptions, I always seem to buy the yarn 1st. Like I said I shouldn’t do this but I just can’t help myself, sometimes I see a pretty yarn that I just have to have and I figure that I’ll find a pattern to go with it.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

You have to have LOTS of each.

I get the pattern first, and then find a yarn to go with it.

I don’t buy the yarn unless I have a pattern for it - mostly because I don’t have the money to do it any different :teehee: . The exceptions to this are roving/top (to spin) and sock yarn.

But my mom has a large stash that she lets me use yarn from, so I have lots of experience doing things the other way around.

I buy yarn if it’s nice, good quality and low priced :wink:

Mr. and Mrs. Krautie only wear black so I don’t have to worry about colors :smiley:

Then I decide what I want to knit, choose a stitch pattern and I use patterns only as a suggestion.

Each pattern has something I don’t like…the shape, the yarn, the size, the stitch pattern…so I always make my own.

I’m really stubborn, yes I know :lol:

i usually dont do it, but i think its best to have the pattern first before you buy the yarn.

I buy whatever moves me first–today it could be yarn, tomorrow a pattern. I try to keep my patternless yarn purchases to a minimum unless it’s for felted purses, scarves or hats. For larger projects, I always try to have a pattern or two in mind unless the yarn is on a sale.

I’m also quite OCD about keeping yarn & possible patterns together so I don’t forget what I planned to knit.

I collect sock yarn, since socks are an easy project to plan for.

For any other project, most of the time, I need to have a pattern in mind before I buy yarn. Otherwise I end up with single hanks/skeins of things that I can’t use easily. That said, I know in general terms how much yarn I’d need for a sweater, so if I love a yarn and think “sweater”, I’ll buy enough to make a sweater, and then figure out the specific pattern.