To block or not block...that is the question

I am making the Lion Brand pattern: Cable Comfort Knit Throw using Wool Ease Thick and Quick (80% acrylic/20% wool). I have 3 of the 5 Panels completed. [B][U]Should I steam block the panels before seaming together? [/U][/B] I thought it would make for easier seaming. If I do block I will use blocking wires (stainless steel welding rods) and pin it to my KP blocking mats, then steam and let dry. It seems like I should but I am not as expereinced as some of you fabulous knitters. Any advice is apprecieated. Thanks you!!!

Personally I probably wouldn’t bother with acrylic. If you do it though be very careful that you steam it gently so you don’t kill the acrylic with the steam. Once it’s killed it won’t return to normal. I would try it on a swatch to practice.

I vote no steam on the Wool-Ease. I haven’t used the thick and quick, just the regular but I suspect it is the same yarn, just thicker. Killing it is not that hard to do, and then it will be limp. I thought I would shrink a Wool-Ease hat a little once (my thinking: a little wool a little shrink :eyes: ) so I washed it very hot and it got limp and even bigger than it was to start with. I wouldn’t suggest steam.

Some blocking may flatten the edges and your idea would be good, but I’d suggest you just spray it until damp with cool or warm water and let it dry. That will probably flatten it a little, will even out your stitches slightly too.

You may not really need to block it. You could wash and dry each panel separately before seaming, but it’s not necessary.

I always steam the edges flat before stitching up panels and I’ve only made acrylic sweaters. Even if I don’t want to steam the whole thing I steam the edges.
Pins or wires would be good.

What I like about steam is you can direct it and only kill what you want killed. You don’t want to steam acrylic ribbing and if you’re steaming an acrylic arm flat you don’t want to steam all the way to the edge and create a crease, you can roll it and only steam the center.

If you don’t want to kill it at all since it’s got 20% wool it may wet block to get some of the curl out.