To bead or not to bead...that is the question

Hi everyone,
I’d like to try something with beads and would love to hear everyone’s experience on the topic.

What did you make?
Where did you get your beads?
What type of beads?
Any helpful tips?
Any photos of your work?

I have a book that includes a small section on knitting with beads and I’ve seen the Knitty Gritty episode on it. Otherwise, no real experience with it yet. I think I’d like to do an evening bag or something small.


I’ve beaded several times and simply love the look. I have knitted little Christmas ball covers and those had beads knitted in and I put them on the hem of a sweater once. Be brave and go for it!

I haven’t tried it myself yet (although I have bought several beads!)

But Sara Jayne posted this link which looks tremendously helpful in beading!

I used beads in 2 of the squares of my crazy quilt. Not too complex, not the greatest picture, but it will give you a little idea. The hardest part was finding beads that had large enough holes to go on the yarn. (I know you can knit them on thread alongside the yarn, but I didn’t want to.) I’d say go for it and have fun!

:cheering: :cheering: I’m loving the look of the beads in knitting…especially the socks on the blog…after I finish my items for the Knitting World Cup…I gotta do some beaded socks…yeah, baby! Maybe I will add some beads to one of the tanks I’m doing for the Cup :thinking:

I used beads on Roo’s crumpets top and now in the little girl socks I’m making her I don’t have my pattern with me but I think KnitQueen’s Beaded socks :thinking:

Where did you get your beads? only place I have around me wally world lo
What type of beads? Glass beads
Any helpful tips? just work with the beads sometimes you think thats going to be on the back side but they usually have a way of coming out right…
Any photos of your work? here is the top of Roo’s dress its a little dark though…

:smiley: I LOVE ROO’S Crumpets top!!!

Thank you Becka!! I had her in it on Friday and she got so many compliments on it :rofling:

I haven’t beaded anything yet but I did buy beads from my LYS recently. I hope to do a scarf for myself in the Fall with them. It’s on my “to do” lists. :happydance:

Lily Chin wrote a book called “Knit and Crochet with Beads”. You might find that useful. None of the patterns really grabbed me, but there’s lots of info about technique.

I am working on my first beaded project right now. It’s the bikini in the newest Vogue knitting issue. The yarn is Lana Grossa’s “New Cotton Print” (6o% cotton, 40% microfiber) I’ll be putting pink seed beads around the edges as trim. Maybe I’ll get it done before December…

Have you read the Knitty article on the subject by Sivia Harding? It’s fabulous.

Have fun!


I haven’t tried knitting with beads, but crocheting – is that close enough? :smiley:

When crocheting with beads, I’ve only used wire (no yarn/thread and beads yet, heh).

If you wanted to try attacking wire knit/crochet, I’d suggest not going any heavier than 24g wire; I think 28 or 30 gauge would be good to learn on. As for the bead part, when you’re stringing them recognizing that you’ll be working backwards is good to remember; the last bead you string will be the first going into your work. It seems obvious enough, but I know I forgot that alot while stringing them.

I made this piece with 28g sterling silver wire, botswana agate, freshwater pearls and Czech glass. (I’m a beader before I am a knitter or crocheter, hence the fancy stuff I have laying around to play with.) I made it up in about 30 minutes or so… stringing the beads and securing them to the ring took longer than crocheting the ring itself.

Oh my…that ring is beautiful! I had no idea there were patterns out there to do such things. My world grows bigger every day.

Wow! This is what I love about this forum! Great advice from all… and those pictures from Dustinac and knit-errant :inlove: FABULOUS

I have to start reading the great references you provided and begin scouring for a pattern I like and some beads to inspire me! Thanks everyone!


I am so in love with that ring! What a beautiful creation.
Do you sell your stuff somewhere?

I’ve done beading twice so far. Got a big bunch of glass beads, one package of blue and the other green but sparkly too.
I did a pretty blue shrug from Interweave Magazine that has beads all over and then I just put some on a little hat that has 3 yarns hanging down, 7 on each yarn thrad and then I braided them.
It add s a little something to the hat (Noro). The shrug was a big job but it’s beautiful. It takes patience so do it when you have that!