To all working mums

How do you juggle: work (out of home), kids, home, husband, internet and knitting? [SIZE=1]:passedout:[/SIZE]

Is it possible?

Please share your secrets.

Very carefully!! :roflhard:

Seriously though, you just do what you can. If after working and taking care of the kids and spending time with your husband all you have time for is 2 rows of knitting or so that’s ok. Just remember that knitting should be something for you and you deserve you time.

So, it [COLOR=black][B][I]IS[/I][/B][/COLOR] possible!

Thanks for sharing :wink:

We don’t have kids yet, but i know that i will always be a working mom, not just for the sake of money but for the sake of me. We have 3 pets that take a lot of attention and caring (not nearly as much as kids, but still), so we share everything. That’s how working moms can succeed and not collapse. You share everything with your husband/SO - he can put the kids to sleep and you can have some knitting time. He can take the kids to kindergarten and you’ll have some time to spend with your cup of coffee and the internet. And one evening a week you can find a sitter or grandparents and leave the kids with them and have a night out with your husband or just sit at home and watch a movie. IMHO, that’s the secret.

HAH! You CAN have it all. You just CAN’T have it all at once.

I raised 4 kids, went to school, worked, etc. And something always suffered. My children never had my full attention. My mind was always somewhere else. In the end, it nearly destroyed my family (well, it did destroy my family, and we had to put it all back together again.)

Decide what is most important to you and invest your energy there. Don’t look over your shoulder at what you are missing. Just keep you eyes on the prize - FOCUS - on what you really want.

It’s work…exhausting,:passedout: babies are “easy”…until they become walking, talking, starting school, making choices, etc (little adults)…that’s when you start sacrificing “your own time”/DH time, cleaning time, knitting time, nail time, eyebrow time, shower time…la la la la:hug:

I work the 3pm-11pm shift 3-4 days a week (occasionally more), but I’ve made it my priority that the evenings I am home, once the kids are in bed (8:00), it is officially “me” time…no laundry, no dishes, nothing. I usually sit in front of the TV and knit til bedtime…with occasional interruptions from my 3-year-old when he doesn’t want to go to bed…:wall:

It’s just finding a little time here and there. I also sometimes leave the 3-year-old with DH while I bring the older one to his karate class and just sit in the dojo and knit during his class…

And here’s my BIG secret. :psst: We have a babysitter to watch the boys for the couple of hours between when I go to work and DH comes home. I used to take the bus, but now drive in to work–I never adjusted the time I pick up the sitter. I just head off to work and then sit in my car in the parking lot and knit before going in to work! Sad when I think I’m paying someone to watch my kids, just so I can knit for 15-20 minutes…LOL. But, in my defense, it’s really calming to knit for a little bit between the chaos of home and the chaos that the Labor & Delivery floor can often be…

It is possible…it’s just another thing to add into the juggling act…:think:

Thanks everyone :muah:

I work FT as a legal assistant, I have 2 daughters (4 and 6) and I knit. Balancing work and mommyhood is the hard part! The knitting, I just fit in wherever. I do a lot of knitting after my girls are in bed (they go to bed at 7 during the week because we get up at 6am). I also take projects with me everywhere I go. I knit while my girls are in gymnastics or ballet, while waiting at the doctor’s office, during my lunch break, during Sunday School (but not during church), etc. Whenever I can fit it in. It’s hard sometimes, but knitting is a decompression thing for me, so I like finding ways to fit it in. My 6yo daughter knits too, so it’s something we can do while spending time together. My 4yo wants to learn, but isn’t quite coordinated enough yet.

Carey, that’s great that your daughter knits! I tried to get my 3.5 year old to knit a bit too but I guess she’s too young still.

Yeah, I tried to teach Emily (my 6yo) when she was 4 because she really wanted to learn. She understood the actions, but wasn’t coordinated enough to hold everything and move the yarn, etc. I quit because I didn’t want her to get frustrated with it. We tried again around 6 1/2 and she’s a whiz at it now. :slight_smile:

I think everyone manages a little differently. I fit things in where I can, and schedule it in if I have to.

The nice thing about knitting is that it is portable and can fill in small pockets of time. I knit in the car when we are running errands and the kids fall asleep. I knit in the bathroom during toddler DD’s bath. I knit at birthday parties and family get togethers. I knit in waiting rooms.

I carry a knitting bag with me everywhere I go – except to work – because I never know when I’m going to get an opportunity to knit for a few minutes.

Knitting is my secondary hobby, but my first hobby, scrapbooking, is less flexible. I normally have to plan a day to go do it – the last time being last October and hopefully I’m going again next week sometime. I mention that because I’ve never really spent more than an hour at a time knitting – if I have more time than that, then I’ll take the time to scrapbook instead. :slight_smile:

I used to do that too, build in a buffer zone between home and work. Time to change gears, mentally. I noticed that my now grown youngest son does it, too. It’s a great coping mechanism.

My house suffers. I don’t feel that housework should be what I do in my free time. My son and husband are first, then knitting, then the housework. The good thing is that my son is 14 and can help out around the house, he has chores and my husband is a saint, he does most of the house hold chores.
I knit at football games, wrestling matches, baseball games. He sits the bench or he’s not up to bat or not on the mat that’s when I knit and I didn’t miss anything that involved him.
I can cuddle with my husband and still knit.
We are trying for another child so my knitting will suffer I’m sure for a while, but you can always make it work. I was a single mom for 13 years and somehow there is always enough time, let the things that really don’t count for much slide. For me is the house hold chores, I may not have the cleanest house but my family is loved.

I have to pick and choose what I want to do. I like to knit, read, and exercise. There is no way I can work full time, cook dinner every day, keep the house immaculate, run my kids to all of their activities, and find time for all my hobbies. I seem like a slow knitter and reader because I have to decide which I want to do most. Do I want to read, exercise, or knit? I usually go in spurts. Sometimes I let some housework slide. :smiley: