To all the Knitting Guys out there, a pattern for you

I was searching for a pattern and found this one.

Mason, You might like it. :clink: :clink:

I’m not sure how that would go over in truck stop even if he did change boys to men. :teehee: OTOH the jacket itself is pretty cool and you could change the design… :thinking:

I :muah: that kid.

Teenage guy who knits!

:cheering: :cheering:

Mason could change it to “Real Men Knit!”

A great pattern!

The description for that sweater is hilarious! :teehee: Forget about how that would go down in a truck stop. How does it go down on the school yard, I wonder?

like Mason said before about people not messing with him about his knitting, he might just start a trend. :roflhard:

I must pm Mason to check out this post.

that ryan has created some very cool knitwear! :heart:

Yeah, I’d change it to something like Real Men Knit.

I like the jacket design itself, but not the image on the back. Not quite my style.

Now if I could design one with a big rig on it, that would be cool.

My dad had one of those Mary Maxim sweaters and it had a face on view of a Mack truck on the back of it.

I have never been able to find the graph for it, I would imagine it was from the late 60’s/early 70’s.

I used to use it as a blanket when I got to travel in my dad’s rig when I was very young :slight_smile:

If I ever see it again, I’ll pass it along :slight_smile:

If you check out ebay with the Mary Maxim, there are vintage sweater patterns.

You will find tons of old stuff from back in the day.

Thanks Gingergal

Iam going to have to look there. I always foget to go on to ebay.