To All Ravelers: Did you know....?!

Hi Ravelers!

I guess I could’ve posted this over at Ravelry, but wanted to
let my KH Ravelry Buddies know first!

[B]Did you know:[/B] after you have created your Stash List in your Ravelry Notebook…you can click DOWNLOAD TO EXCEL…and the entire list, notes and all, can be saved to your computer?? The icon for DOWNLOAD TO EXCEL is 3rd icon to the right of “add new yarn” button.

So, now you have an EXCEL file of all your Stash in your own files, or desktop which is what I did.

Now I have to discover [U]if changes I make online[/U] at the Ravelry Stash Folder will automatically be changed on my desktop version.

I like the EXCEL version because I can make changes like FREEZE FRAMES, fill-in color, [U]adding[/U] total yardage down to a GRAND TOTAL, etc.

Anyhoo, this info is [U]NEW to me[/U]…maybe not to you. :wink:
I am [U]usually[/U] the last one to discover anything! :eyes:

But just wanted to share the info with y’all, just in case! :thumbsup:

I don’t have Excel. That’s neat that you can do that though!

Oh good grief! I worked up an Excel spreadsheet for my stash before I got my invite to Ravelry, and then went from that. Wish I’d known! Maybe I’ll go ahead and do it anyway, to see how it looks. Probably better than what I have! :slight_smile:

Hi Lisa! :waving:

Don’t feel bad! “Like minds think alike”! I did the same thing, too… last year when I was trying to sort through and organize my yarn for the “Year of the Stash 2007”! :eyes:

Well, it helped me greatly when I finally got my Ravelry invite…so adding to my Ravelry Stash folder wasn’t as painful as it coulda been! My next goal is to take photos of all the yarns and get them uploaded to the Stash Folder. I know that I certainly appreciate photos when others share them!

I think you will like the EXCEL DOWNLOAD version very much.
It is all alphabetized, etc.

Oh, one thing my own EXCEL version has that Ravely doesn’t:
I have 5 worksheets in mine…for worsted’s, dk’s, bulky’s, super bulky’s and speciality’s.

If I am looking for a dk weight, I open the dk worksheet. It helps locate what I am searching for. I will still keep my EXCEL version updated. I worked too hard on it to just trash it now! :wink:

When you decide to bottle all that energy you have, I want to be the first one on your list to buy it!:teehee:


Nope, hadn’t noticed that. There are [I]so[/I] many cool things about Ravelry - I’m sure I haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg yet.

On sort of a tangent, I was going to start inputting the list of things I want to knit. There is a button I can just drag up to my toolbar so if I’m on a website with a pattern I like I can just click the button & it’ll add it to Ravelry automatically. For some reason it won’t drag to my toolbar. Any ideas?

It doesn’t work with Internet Explorer, only Firefox and… that one that starts with an “S”… I can’t think of the name of it.

Anyway, I downloaded Firefox just so I could use the little buttons. :slight_smile:

Yep, know about!

If you don’t have excel, you can openoffice for free (

No, it won’t automatically update between the two, you need to download again as you make changes in Ravelry.

…off to download Firefox…

I agree with Jen17. I’ll be second. I haven’t done a thing with Ravelry except look at patterns and yarns.

I’ll be third … the only thing I’ve done with Ravelry is look at all the patterns and read some of the forums. The idea of getting my stash inventoried is just overwhelming … but I guess I could start with my current projects and that would be something huh?

Man, I can’t WAIT until my invite comes!!! Ravelry just keeps sounding cooler and cooler. Kate… must… have!!! :slight_smile: I will be SO organized in like, 10 days. There are like 3700 people in front of me, and I’m seriously chomping at the bit to get going!

And I think the other browser you’re thinking of is Safari for the Mac. It’s the only one other than FireFox I know that supports drag-and-drop tabs and bookmarks.

Only 756 people in front of me. I should be able to join you soon in finding out cool things about the site. I only have a teeny stash, but it is good to know about the excel feature.

Tee hee… I’m checking obsessively. Only 3535 people in front of me now! Man, I am SO impatient! I really want my invite! :gah: :wall:


you mean safari? that would be for mac users if thats the case, we pc’ers arent special enough for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s the one. I couldn’t remember what it was called for the life of me! :slight_smile:

Open Office can work with Excel files. It can be downloaded for free.

Woo hoo! Only 2338 to go before me! =) So, that’s what, like, 4 days? Sweet! :smiley: Sorry, I’m SO antsy! But man, it went down FAST today-- it was about 3700 this morning, and now it’s only about 2300!

We have Excel but I have no idea how to use it (since it doesn’t help me play the oboe…)

Guess I’ll just knit instead :slight_smile: