Tlpy - turn and loop yarn

I’m new to knitting i’ve been doing ok ( thanks to this site!) But I’ve just noticed one line is tlpy. The is a small explanation but can any one explain it in a simple way? :thinking:

Thank you

Can you post the explaination they give you?

32nd row: k10, tlpy
33rd row: k5, tlpy



I mean, do they explain what tlpy IS? Like before the pattern… sometimes they’ll list different stitches used, and what they are.

lol of course you do sorry!!! :doh:

turn and loop yarn worked as follows, work the number of sts instructed, turn work, with yarn at back of work slip 1st on rh ndl to lh ndl, bring yarn forward between slipped st and sts on rh ndl, slip st back to rh ndl from lh ndl and work back across sts just worked, leaving sts on rh ndl resting and unworked.

OHH!! This is short row knitting, and you’re turning and wraping the yarn around a stitch. They call it TLPY (turn and loop yarn), but it’s more commonly known as T&W (turn and wrap) or W&T (wrap and turn).

Knit the required number of stitches. Turn your work around just as if you had finished knitting the whole row.
Now, move the yarn to the back, and slip 1 stitch from the right needle to the left needle.
Move the yarn to the front between your needles.
Slip the stitch BACK to the right needle.
Now work the stitches back the way you just came.

You’re simply taking your working yarn and wraping it around a stitch before continuing back the way you came. If you didn’t do this, it would cause a hole in your work.

So… you’ll first knit 10 stitches, then turn & wrap the next stitch.
Then knit 5 stitches (these are 5 of the 10 you just knit), then turn & wrap again.

Hope this helps!