TLC Baby yarn

Has anyone ever used this yarn before? If so is it soft? I do not like red heart baby yarn I think it is rough. To give you an idea of what I mean by soft I like caron simply soft, however I seen a pretty blue sparkle color at on sale for $3. I was going to buy some and make a baby sweater and socks for my little cousin xavier who is three months old but I am leary that the yarn will be scratchy especially because its a sparkle. I noticed that even in caron simply soft variegated yarns or sparkles tend to be rougher than the other ones. hmm what does everyone think?

I have used this year for several baby hats, baby booties, and a sweater. I have been happy with the softness and how it holds up in the washing machine. My daughter likes it and the other recipients have also reported positive results.

Happy knitting!

Thanks so much and welcome to the forum :hug:

The new Red Heart SOFT and Red Heart baby soft is very, very soft and worth buying RH. I don’t care for the TLC, but that may just be me.