TK2? Help!

I have casted on for the Tricorder Hat. I found the pattern on Ravelry. I have come across a new term (TK2) that I am not familiar with. And, after looking at the notes I am even more confused. I do not understand if I slip the sts off the needle where to put them. It is not a dec row. Maybe it’s late and I am overtired, but this has completely thrown me for a loop. Here is the pattern

TK2= slip one st and k next st. Without slipping st from needle, K the slipped st. Slip both sts of needle.


Yes, you are just overly tired. :slight_smile: You are reading it wrong and wrote it for us the wrong way too.

Here is what it really says:

TK2 = skip one stitch and K next stitch. Without slipping stitch from needle, K the skipped stitch. Slip both stitches off needle.

The error is in one letter misread: TK2= skip (You were reading it slip, one letter but big difference). Then over to K the skipped stitch (again you were reading K the slipped stitch). The last slip is right-- Slip both stitches off the needle.

So it is one of those tiny twisted stitches, rather like a cable. SKIP 1 stitch and knit the one just beyond it (don’t let anything off the end of the LH needle at this point), now go back and knit the one you skipped, then slip both of them off the left hand needle at the same time.

Does it make sense now?

Alright, sorry to be so confusing, but I am still a little lost! After I knit the 2nd st on the left needle (because I skipped the 1st) do i the new st back on the left needle before or after the skipped st. That is where I am confused. After I k that st do i pull the st off the left needle (because there is a new st on the right) then stick it back on the right? Or, do I have 3 sts on the left needle?
I am probably thinking way to far into this…
Thanks Again!

You knit the 2nd st first and leave it there, the new st is on your right needle. Then knit the first stitch and you have a 2nd new one on the right needle. Then drop both ‘old’ sts off the left needle. You don’t put either new st on the left needle at all, this isn’t an increase, it’s just knitting the 2 sts out of order.

Thanks so much!