Titania - great free pattern!

I just finished this for my sister. It’s a great pattern, easy to follow, enough going on to keep my attention, just a total pleasure. Here’s the pattern:

I used the yarn I got from you, Lady M - love how it works up, love that it’s machine wash and dry and love that it’s soft, but still holds it’s shape.

Here’s some pics:
Actually the front is a split neckline. My sister likes the corners tucked in to make it a vee.

And a close up of the different lace patterns:

This is the most complicated item I ever made, but the pattern was so well written it was a piece of cake. I just took my sister’s measurements, worked up a gauge and then followed the pattern exactly. The waist section is the first time I ever did a lace pattern that was worked on both sides. I expect to make more of her patterns, I was so impressed by her work.

Very pretty!!


beautiful work:blooby: :blooby: :blooby:

Very nice!

That looks great!

Beautiful! Love the color, and the lacework is perfect.


I have had this queued forever. Was it hard?

It’s a very pretty sweater, lot’s of different lace patterns make it interesting to the eye also.

Gorgeous and it fits her perfectly. You did a wonderful job.

Excellent!:thumbsup: Very pretty color, too.

Wow, that is gorgeous, what a great job!

Beautiful :slight_smile:

Your sister’s Titania is BEAUTIFUL! So well done!

Thanks for including the link! I definitely saved it in my knitting bookmarks!

It is also soooo nice to hear that the pattern was written so well that the knitting went along like a piece of cake! So many patterns these days have a glitch somewhere, you can count on it. At least just enough to make me get a dozen more grey hairs!

Lovely sweater. Your sister is lucky you like to knit. Thanks for the review about the pattern; it is a pretty one. The use of the lace is really nice. It looks like it would have been fun to make, like you said it has a lot of interesting things going on. Great fit and color.

Thanks for all the kind comments. When my sister and I were searching through patterns and she saw this one and went ooohhhh, I have to admit my first thought was oh, crap! I printed it and played around for quite a while before I actually cast on - did a swatch of all the different lacy patterns actually. I’m glad I did that, gave me a lot of confidence. When I first started the bottom lace I thought it was waaaay too big, but you decrease for the waist lace, which is what gives it that nice shape.

There was one place - in the sleeve, I think, where I got one less or maybe one more stitch than the pattern called for, so I just increased or decreased one so I had the right number before going on. I remember reading about that in the comments on the pattern site, so it didn’t shake me up.

Really, as long as your gauge is right the pattern really is an easy knit. Not boring, repetitive easy, but flowing easy. It kept my interest but didn’t cause me any stress. I’ve knit lace before, but never on every row, but I just followed the pattern and it worked out.

If your body measurements don’t perfectly match the pattern measurements I think the waist section is the most crucial fit. I had about 1 inch positive ease all over. My sister says it feels as good as it looks.