Tis the season......for sick kids!

It all started last Sunday with kid #1 (6 yo Taylor Jayne) puking and having no appetite and no fever so no school on Monday, then Tuesday. Then kid #2 (4 yo Emily Nicole) came off the bus with a 103 fever so she was also home on Wedsneday and Thursday. Taylor was better on Wedsneday so she went to school on Thursday. On Thursday night she also had a fever so she stayed home on Friday. And of course they were both fine for the weekend! So they go to school on Monday and I am telling them that I want them both in school every day this week as for the next week and a half there is no school! So Monday was fine for both of them. But then I find out that kid #2 gets sick :ick: on the bus on the way to school this morning, and she hits [U]everything[/U] of course! So I get my empty bucket, a gallon of water (for cleaning the bucket if it used on the way home) and boots then off to the school with kid #3 (2 yo Kimberly Marie) to pick up kid #2. I have to sign 2 different papers and show ID to pick her up and we are off to home, pull into the driveway and open the garage door and she pukes again:ick:! I rush to get kid #3 into the house and watching Oswald then come out to get kid #2 in the house, clean the bucket and get her in the bed in the basement (the one with the tv) then get her dirty clothes out. A little while passes and kid #2 tells me she is hungry (of course, her tummy is empty now!) so I go to get her some dry Cheerios and Gatorade and take it down to her. As I am sitting there telling her she needs to eat one cheerio at a time, she starts to get off the bed to go upstairs to use the bathroom, I hand her the bucket (she is not allowed to go anywhere without it!) and in the bathroom she starts to puke again:ick:!!! I take the cheerios away from her and tell her she can only have little sips of gatorade.

Oops! No more gatorade now, shes done it again! :ick:

Oh, and yes kid #3 has puked herself a few times in the middle of all of this! She is not with kid #2 (she is on the main floor with me) and everytime I come up from seeing

And it is only 10 in the morning!!!:shock:

oooooooh you poor thing. I feel your pain. sending germ-free hugs and lots of cleaning products your way…

Oh my goodness, hang in there mom! I hope they all get through it quick, and it passes you by!

:shock: Oh my! You’re not having fun right now, aren’t you! :ick: Hang in there, it’ll be over soon! :hug:

:hug:So sorry for your little ones! It’s no fun being sick.

Sorry you’re having such a hard time!! Try small sips of water instead of gatorade. It may come back up, but she needs the fluids and it’s easier to clean up and doesn’t stain. Hang in there!

oh you poor thing. We had this the weekend before last, but it started with me. Kid #1 avoided it (which was annoying when everyone else was sick and she was bouncing around) and luckily kid #2 didn’t puke, but those diapers when I was puking! Ugh! Good luck. I vote for Vernors ginger ale (room temp or warm) and saltines!

Thanks a lot! She is still puking but now nothing is really coming up. In a little bit I am going to give her a LOT of ice with a [SIZE=1]teeny[SIZE=2] bit of water in it. The poor thing could not even go 2 blocks and wait 5-10 minutes in the truck to wait for her sister to get out of school without puking! And so far, the other two have had very minimal contact with her so here is Crossed Fingers! Although I am starting to feel kinda yucky…[/SIZE][/SIZE]

:hug: to you all!! I hope they feel better soon :hug:

My kids never seem to get sick at the same time either. But they will wait for Child No 1 to completely get well before starting in. With three kids I can spend 3 weeks trying to get everyone well. Then just for S&G I’ll get sick. Hope everyone is feeling much better by today!

Goodness - Hope everyone is feeling better soon !!
My brother once wrote a poem for school that he was sick with the flu and a temp of 102 and within 48hrs he was puking his guts out and 48hrs later I was puking my guts out - Dad was out to sea and then mom got the bug - luckily our neighbor was a nurse.

Just a quick update…she is still home! Yesterday she seemed better, then she had no appetite. She ate a little banana and could not finish it. It all came back up when she was asleep! We got her and her bed changed and she was fine till this morning. Not real bad but still. So she is downstairs watching cartoon with her sister for the day. She has a monitor down there so I can hear everything going on. And the basement door is open. I don’t think she will make it back to school before the new year starts. :help:

I think we have beat the sickies out of them!:woohoo: Kid #2 is staying home today though just to be sure. She seems better now, nothing coming out of her that is not normal :thumbsup: and she has her appetite back.

Thank you all so much for letting me vent and all the encouraging words, it does help feel like there are people out there who understand all the “fun” I have been having!:rofl:

Since today is the last day of school before vacation, she does not go back before Jan. 2, 2008. I had to bring in a coat she wore home from the day she got sick on the bus (it belonged to the nurses office at her school), I also brought in a fun fur scarf I made for their giving train in Emily’s name.