Tired of knitting

After I learned to knit last summer, I think I knit every single day for a year. I’m so addicted I couldn’t help myself. Then one day, I just didn’t feel like knitting. In fact, I got really worried because I couldn’t get in the mood to knit for several days. I decided to take a break and didn’t knit for about 3 weeks. Then it happened. I picked up the needles and here I am, back to knitting every single. day. I guess I just needed that break to visit my husband and catch up on what was going on. :wink:

Anyone else ever experience for a short period of time a need for a break?

Absolutely. I was engrossed when I finally figured it out, then I got into guilds and groups and was possibly even worse. After that, I just couldn’t bring myself to knit for a couple of months. I would sit down to watch tv, and afterword realize I hadn’t knit a thing, and felt guilty for time wasted. I don’t anymore.

I feel like now I have reached my knitting Zen. I have some knitting I do to make a little income, and I have my own projects, and I don’t obsess like I used to over either.

Don’t feel guilty! Knitting is all about the process, and it goes in waves. Knitting is there when you need it, you don’t necessarily need knitting.

I’m this way with almost all my hobbies, so don’t feel bad about it at all. It’s like everything else in life, sometimes you just have to take a break.

I agree. There is such thing as a good thing. About two months after I learnd how to knit, I just stared at my needles and thought “what’s the point?” I stopped for a coup-le weeks, but then I realised the point was to have fun. It doesn’t make scence to me for someone to force themselves to knit, or to knit when they don’t feel like it. Knitting should be someting you do to have fun, and when you’re not having fun… what’s the point?

:XX: yay knitting :XX:

I think I got that right now. I don’t feel like knitting at all, so I don’t knit. I’ve had this before, so I know it’ll come back, probably when college starts again. For me, knitting is relaxing after studying really hard, and now I don’t have to study, so I don’t have to relax. It sounds a bit strange, but I guess I need the mental workout as well, and then knitting to relax my mind again.

Iam a seasonal knitter, I knit alot in the colder months (must be something about the wool). I do alot of cross-stitch during the summer. With my job I usually knit at work cause I can’t concentrate on the type of cross stitch I do and not mess it up. Plus knitting is easier to correct an error :slight_smile: I have been knitting about 24 years and it’s been very wavy, I knitted alot while I was pregnant and my daughter was young, then I dated a man who hated that I knitted. Needless to say that relationship was short lived, as he was a movie buff, and I can’t sit still that long without something in my hands. I actually started knitting, because my grandmother thought it would help with ADD, and it does greatly, that was part of the reason I taught my daughter at a young age, because of the calming effects. When she picks up her needles, I can instantly see her face relax, and her confidence soar.
It really is something that goes in waves, just like eating a fav food etc, and you notice it at yarn stores, where I remember early 90’s alot of yarn stores closed for not enough business and now they can’t supply us with enough fibre. :slight_smile:

absolutly! I got sick of crochet and put down the hook for a while, but picked it back up again after a month. sometimes it helps to walk away for a little bit!

I take breaks too! Sometimes (gasp) I just do not want to knit. I’ll go days in a knitting frenzy, then go a week without knitting a single stitch. The only drawback is that if I have anything OTN, and if it happens to have a pattern, I don’t remember where I am. :wink: The breaks are never planned; they just happen.

I haven’t felt like knitting much lately. I’m with Lieke in that I think I’ll want to knit more when I go back to college. It’s colder up there and I have more “need” for a veg-out activity after classes. When it comes to vegging out after work while I’m home, I really don’t have the energy to knit. Even reading is too much!

My problem is that I feel guilty for knitting…it’s so fun! I keep thinking, “I should be (insert mundane household task here, such as laundry, vaccuming, mopping, cleaning the bathroom, etc.) instead.” So I don’t get as much knitting done as I ever want to. Which is why my stash should last me the rest of my lifetime. :rofling:

I can honestly say that I never get bored with knitting :heart: . I wished I had more time for knitting. I wished that I could have someone drive me to work, so I could knit. I wished I could knit and surf the web at the same time. I talk knitting and spinning. I surf it. I dream it. Errands and chores go undone.

I do however, get bored knitting a particular project. It’s usually the yarn that causes this. And I definitely get bored knitting particular items. Like right now, if I knit another baby cardi I think I’ll puke yellow acrylic.

It’s fine to get bored with knitting though. Everyone needs breaks. I really should take more time away. I make myself take little breaks. Otherwise, nothing gets done.

I just started knitting a few weeks ago and I am so addicted to it. I can certainly understand taking a break, I have done it with other hobbies I have been addicted to. I seem to rotate them around so I am always doing something.

I’ve reached a point of boredom, even permanent disinterest with about all my hobbies. I have been knitting for a couple of years steadily when the last time I’d done it was maybe 15 or more years back!! I never throw or give away much of by craft stuff cause I know I’ll get back to it eventually. The only thing I gave away recently was crosstitch thread to aa younger friend who can still see how to do those tiny stitches, and I was glad to get rid of it. It had been in the closet since 1995!!

Before I took up knitting again, I was an AVID reader all my life, and I’ve found myself neglecting the book lists and the library that I used to love so much! I need to find room for both–causeof my love for reading . If I could read and knit at the same time–WHOA!!

Don’t feel bad–that doesn’t help at all :heart: . If you truly don’t get inspired by a new pattern or by the fall season coming up–put it out of sight for awhile. Maybe your excitement wil come back when you come across it again!! And the money we’ve put into it…well, we can always say, “Hey I coulda been buyin’ CRACK!!” :shock:

Take a break? No WAY!! I wish I didn’t have to work, do housework, cook, etc, because I would knit all day long. I knit on the couch while watching tv, in bed, in the car (not as the driver), when I visit my parents or the in laws, and sometimes at work when I can get away with it.

Since I began to knit last December, my reading and scrapbooking and general interest in non-knitting related activities has went by the wayside. I have even found all of my dreams have some element of knitting. Weird how a ball of yarn can show up in a dream about being in an operating room at work.

I did the same thing last year after I knit my first afghan! Oh my god. It took me forever to finish it and I dropped those needles for at least 6 months. So sad.

I’m back though and now I don’t push myself so hard, I just take it one day at a time. If I feel like knitting I knit, if I don’t, then I just chill out :rofling:

My breaks are never planned, either. It’s just that sometimes, I tire of knitting, which seems incomprehensible when I’m going thru one of my obsessed phases. Lately, I’ve been sticking to 1-2 WIPs; I’ve started feeling too stressed & overwhelmed if I have too many WIPs going.

I’m not currently taking a knitting break, but when I feel the need to, I have no problem doing it. If I try & knit before I’m really ready, I can always tell (no excitement, no joy in it), so I just put it down until I’m excited about it again.

Knitting is like love. When you first fall in love, you need to be with your sweetheart every moment. As your love deepens and matures, you realize you can be away from each other for periods of time. If it’s true love, the magic is still there each and every time you come together.

Okay, so for the majority, we all need that break. I was just so worried that I was “out of love” with knitting, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. :wink:

After my 3 or 4 weeks of no knitting, I’m back in full force. For all of those who have been knitting less than a year, your time to put the needles down will probably come. Like I said…I had been knitting every single day of every free minute for a full year before I needed a break.

I do get tired of one project too. I was working on a sweater for myself and got so tired of it, I put it away to work on smaller objects just to be able to finish something.

Thanks everyone!